"Don't Forget Your Eyeball Is Round:" A Smokey Eye Tutorial from John Mayer

And always remember to shade in your 'orbital sockets' for the perf look

John Mayer, smirkes at the camera. John Mayer's makeup tutorial on smokey eyes has made headlines this week.

The GRAMMY award-winning musician can sing his butt off, shred on a guitar and pen an emotional ballad that will most def make us cry (we still get choked up every time we hear “Daughters“). But it turns out there’s something else John Mayer can add to his resume: beauty guru.

The singer took to his Instagram yesterday to educate the public on how to master a smokey eye, and we are *definitely* taking notes. Holding a Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palette, Mayer started off small, applying only a light shade of copper to his eyelid. “This is where guys get it wrong. They go too heavy, but notice how I’m already impressing you with my light touch,” he says to the camera. He’s right—colour us impressed.

John Mayer Makeup Tutorial photos that were taking from his smokey eye Instagram tutorial. Mayer holds a Chanel eyeshadow Palette (far left), Mayer applies the first later of eyeshadow (middle left), Mayer applies more eyeshadow to the outskirts of the eye (middle right), Mayer exhibits his fully-finished look (right).

(Instagram: @johnmayer)

The “Your Body Is A Wonderland” singer then began to apply a darker shadow on the outside and the inner corners of his eyelid (or, as he called it, his “orbital socket”). “Don’t forget your eyeball is round,” he thoughtfully said. “You want to accentuate the round-ness of your eyeballs.” We always forget about that, so thanks, John!

After blending the dark navy pigment with his fingers (the fastest and most convenient way to blend, obvi), Mayer decided to forget his own advice and ditch the minimal look altogether. “I’m going heavy now, because I’m getting bored,” he said.

John Mayer Makeup Tutorial photos that were taking from his smokey eye Instagram tutorial. Mayer shows off the dark eyeshadow (far left and middle left), a fan commented on his makeup tutorial (middle right), Mayer posts a "makeup-free" selfie, (far right).

(Instagram: @johnmayer)

After applying tan pigment to the middle of his lid, Mayer showed off his masterpiece and it. is. a. lewk. “I think it might be good!” he said excitedly once he was finished. Unfortunately, not everyone was as enthusiastic about his handiwork. “Your make up is bomb, i think you should wear it all the time, it’d make you look badass since it looks like you’ve been punched in the face repeatedly,” one rather bold fan commented. Ouch.

The artist began his journey into the beauty world in August 2016, after he posted a Snapchat Story about his skincare routine. Walking fans through a multi-step nighttime cleansing regime, he highlighted the various Proactiv and Natura Bissé skincare products used to clean and invigorate his face (including the $815 Diamond Life Infusion face cream).

This past February, the singer posted yet another skincare secret on his Instagram Story. After asking “why is my skin so smooth?” to his three million followers, he answered his own question. “I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink anymore, and I don’t go out in the sun, and I don’t eat, and I don’t love anybody,” he told the camera. Um, we aren’t sure that last one makes much of a difference in this case, John!

Although Mayer’s foray in to the world of eyeshadow was meant to be a parody of actual makeup tutorials, we applaud him for giving it a try. After all, many companies recently started including men in their beauty campaigns, and men’s cosmetic brands have emerged. So if he ever wants to wear the look for real, we have some great recommendations.

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