J.Lo Is Turning Her Famous Glow into a 70-Piece Makeup Line—and It's V. Affordable

Better make some shelf space because you'll want to stock up on this entire collection

JLO Glow makeup: Jennifer Lopez poses with her hands on her hair, staring off into the distance, she is wearing a red low cut top and the photo is

(Photo: PRNewsfoto/Inglot Cosmetics)

Jennifer Lopez made it clear long ago that her love don’t cost a thing—and she seems to be applying that same cost-conscious attitude to her upcoming makeup line.

In March, celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes posted on Instagram saying he was using a bronzer made by J.Lo—sparking buzz that Lopez would be the next celeb to venture into the makeup industry. Despite the fact that Barnes quickly deleted the post, the news was out and fans were stoked.

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Lopez has now confirmed that she will indeed be giving us the glow-up we need with a new makeup collection that’ll allow regular humans to channel her signature “J. Lo Glow.” The actress/singer/ageless beauty icon is partnering with Inglot Cosmetics to produce a 70-piece capsule collection. “We have everything from mascara, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush, eye shadow and of course… bronzers,” Lopez said in a press release.

The colours will range “from nude to glow”—which according to WWD, means that the entire collection is comprised of nude, gold and shimmer products. The makeup line will apparently not only emulate Lopez’s famous glow, but will also have product names inspired by her career like “Boogie Down Bronze” and “Livin’ the Highlight.”

In addition to individual products that will get Lopez’s classic songs stuck in your head, the Jennifer Lopez x Inglot collaboration will also include the “Freedom System Palette,” a customizable palette where users can mix and match their fave products. According to WWD, the personalized palettes will cost around $62 CAD and are the most expensive offering in the collection. All other products will run between $10 and $33.

“The price point was very important to me, which is why I chose to partner with Inglot. We can create great quality products that are affordable,” Lopez told WWD.

To celebrate the news of her upcoming collab, which will be available online at and on April 26, Lopez posted some throwback images of her fave beauty looks and tbh, we’re not sure what’s more amazing, her makeup collection or the fact that she legit doesn’t seem to age. Real talk: will this makeup collection include her anti-aging potion, y/n?

Watch out Rihanna and Kim K, looks like there’s some new competition on the block.


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