Jergens Gives The Ultimate Makeover

The YWCA gets an overnight fix

As a total beauty junkie, it’s always exciting to go to product launches to check out the latest and greatest from our favourite brands. But yesterday’s Jergens launch was special on a whole other level: the brand decided to skip out on a traditional launch event and instead put the money towards a renovation at a YWCA centre in Toronto.

In keeping with the new product’s name, Overnight Fix (a night-time body lotion packed with antioxidants and vitamins from Camu Camu and Goji berries), a team of volunteers worked 24 hours straight to bring new life to the centre’s rec room. Led by interior designer Lisa Canning from HGTV’s Marriage Under Construction and contractor Christian Pavey from HGTV’s Pure Design, the team managed to transform the space into something gorgeous yet functional.

Canning chose a simple colour palette of white and grey with pops of purple, which was inspired by the lotion’s soothing properties. Because the space is used as a social area, classroom, food drive and more, it was important that it could easily be transformed, so Canning chose furniture that could be folded up or wheeled away with ease. When the new room was revealed to the building’s residents, everyone was elated–check out the before and after pictures and you’ll see why.