Jasmine and Tobias Get Hella Sexy for Calvin Klein

The model couple reveal what they'll do with their sexy new Calvin Klein campaign images


Tobias Sorensen and Jasmine Tookes (Photo: Calvin Klein)

A wave of silence hits the room as the couple, walking hand-in-hand, floats down the aisle between two long breakfast tables lined with peonies. We’re at the Calvin Klein ETERNITY NOW fragrance breakfast, joined by the campaign stars and real-life couple, Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen. Before we dig into delicious eggs benny, we hear the story of their romance, which starts with “California girl meets Dutch male model in a bar.” Jasmine initially gave Tobias the wrong number, but she changed it before he left. Little did she know they would fall hard for each other. We witness this first-hand, not only in person (they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and it was adorable), but in their new Calvin Klein campaign.

Belly full with a delicious brunch and #relationshipgoals on my mind, I sit down with Jasmine and Tobias to talk about ETERNITY NOW, what it was like on-set and a special little look into their lives when their not being supermodels.

What was your first reaction when you were asked to do the campaign together?
Jasmine: I was so excited. It’s such an iconic brand. I’ve always wanted to work with Calvin Klein, and especially with one of their fragrances.

Tobias: It still feels unreal. It was a dream come true to get to be a part of the Calvin Klein family and working for such an iconic brand is amazing.

How does it feel to follow in the footsteps of Christy Turlington and her husband Ed Burns?
Jasmine: It’s surreal. I’ve always looked up to her as a model and she’s so beautiful so it’s really cool to be on a similar path as hers.

How would you describe the campaign shoot?
Tobias: Very easy. It’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had as a model. We laid there four days in a row, folded in the sheets. Couldn’t get any better than that! So it was very natural. We didn’t have to fake anything; the chemistry was there. We know each other so well so it’s not like you have to cross any boundaries. It’s real, and I hope you can see that in the commercial.

Jasmine: When we were on set, they really made sure that we felt comfortable. Everyone would leave the room except for the photographer and the director. They let us put our music on and just made it feel like we were really at home.

I have to ask: will you be displaying the campaign images in your apartment?
Tobias: I think we will, definitely! It’s such an amazing thing to have together as a couple and be able to look back on.

Jasmine: Yes! An empty frame is already on the wall so we’re just waiting for the high res images.

Do you have any plans to work together again in the near future?
Tobias: It’s not always up to us to decide that. We’ve done a few editorials together for American Vogue and V Magazine. But I would love to work with Jasmine again.

Jasmine: I hope so! We’ve had a lot of options to do different jobs together but we definitely waited for the right one. And this was it!

What’s one destination you’ve traveled to together that you absolutely love?
Simultaneously: Bora Bora!

Jasmine: We love Bora Bora. We went for his birthday and spent 13 days there. We swam with sharks!

Tobias: It’s amazing there. The water is beautiful and the hotel was amazing. We’d love to go again.

Fun in the 🌞 @thesorensen #WhoopitPR #PalominitoIsland

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What’s your favorite thing to do together when you have time off?
Tobias: Travel to the Caribbean (ha ha).

Jasmine: Yeah, we love traveling. Any free time we can get, we escape the city.

Tobias: But we do like just being home, watching some Netflix and spending time with our dogs.

For those of you who didn’t see it, we did a Snapchat video (username: flarefashion) with Jasmine and Tobias and asked more fun questions! To sum it up, Tobias is the messiest but he’s the better cook. Jasmine is definitely more obsessed with Instagram, but it was up for debate who takes the most selfies (Tobias insisted Jasmine does!). And, they both have a great sense of humour.

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