6 Japanese Beauty Trends You Seriously Should Try

Get ready to add them all to your beauty routine, stat

When it comes to Asian beauty, Japan is a Mecca for the latest trends and innovations. Although K-beauty has taken over as the driver of trends in the region, Japan’s long-standing history of holding eastern beauty standards is a reason why many are still reaching for the country’s latest cosmetic and skincare must-haves.

So on a recent pilgrimage to Japan, I hopped from beauty store to beauty store to see what the hot-ticket items are and how the shoppers are wearing their makeup. From the super kawaii packaging to the look du jour, here are seven beauty trends (and products!) I picked up from my trip to Sapporo, Japan that will seriously change your life.

Fringe curlers

Hair Fringe Curler, $9,

It looks like the ladies in Japan have found the solution to the age-old problem of keeping wispy bangs, well, wispy, by the time they get to work. On a subway, I spotted a few girls wearing a pastel-coloured fringe curlers during the morning rush. Before they arrived at their stops, they casually took the curlers out, fluffed their bangs and then got off the train with perfect hair. It fazed no one.

Pink on pink (on pink)

Paul & Joe Powder Blush Refill in 05, $23,

The monochromatic pink-on-pink look is a runway and red carpet favourite as of late, but it’s a look not many of us rock on a day-to-day basis. But in Japan I spotted the look on every other girl on the street—a prominent pink eyeshadow teamed with bright pink blush and glossy pink lips was the look du jour.

Baby doll lashes

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Waterproof Mascara, $35,

If there’s one beauty goal many girls from the East strive for, it’s full lashes. While getting eyelash extensions is commonplace in Japan, Korea and China, many achieve baby doll-like lashes easily and efficiently with the country’s cult-fave waterproof mascara.

Inner beauty = drinking collagen

Shiseido The Collagen Enriched Drink, $126,

The Japanese believe beauty comes from within–meaning what we put into our body affects our skin. Enter collagen drinks. These sippable supplements have high concentrations of amino acids, glycine, proline and lysine, which are said to help repair connective tissues and promote healthy skin and hair.

Onsen (hot springs)

Tabino Yado Hot Springs Clear Bath Salts Assortment Pack, $24,

One does not go to Japan without visiting its many famous hot springs (known as onsen) around the country. Given that it’s a volcanic country, these medicinal bathing spaces are rich in minerals and are believed to help heal aches and pains. They also do wonders for your skin, leaving it feeling super soft. Don’t have access to a hot spring? You can transform your bathtub into a magical onsen with these bath powders.

Face masks

Hats ‘n’ Tales Cotton Face Mask, $3,

No, I’m not talking about essence-soaked sheet masks that instantly revive your face. I’m talking about the masks you wear when you’re sick or if you’re a healthcare professional. However, in Asia, it’s quite the fashion trend. If you look at the many celebs spotted at the airport, you’ll see them all sporting one as a way to mask their identity and hide the fact they haven’t put makeup on. Clearly, their fans are catching on. And rather than coming in only a surgical blue option, these masks come in an array of fabrics, designs and colours. You know, to match your outfit.


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