Intern's Diary: Testing Lip Treats by GOSH

Written by Sabina Sohail
photo 1 copyReview: GOSH Lip Lacquer

I tend to be rather picky when it comes to lip products. For me, a gloss or a stain must taste sweet and NOT have a sticky texture.

This was the first time I’ve  tried a GOSH product. Their spring Lip Lacquer collection consists of pinks and reds and one neutral. I decided to be daring and went for the pinkest shade, “Crispy Lips”, which I didn’t think was a super flattering name for a lip product, but I digress.

At first, the texture was transparent. It took about 4 layers of application for the shade on my lips to resemble the one in the bottle. The colour itself was really pretty but the texture was on the tacky side; quite thick and sticky.

Overall grade: B-


Written by Claudia Steven

Review: GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick

I am a lipstick kind of girl, just take one look at my Instagram and that much is clear. I especially love bold, bright reds so I immediately snatched up GOSH’s new “Yours Forever” shade out of the beauty drawer to give it a road test.

Unlike my fellow intern, I’m not hesitant to try super vibrant lipstick. It’s a solid matte bullet and it was super easy to glide across my lips – the texture is quite creamy and soft, and needed careful application. Once it was cautiously applied and in place, I was in love.

The colour is very opaque and dense, making application quick and easy, and no reapplication required. Despite being matte, this lipstick is also soft and ultimately left my lips feeling moisturized.

Overall grade: A