You Won't Be Able to Stop Watching This Satisfying Insta #SwatchPorn

Want to feel both relaxed and mesmerized in five mins or less? These lipstick swatches will do the trick

As the makeup master backstage at Versace, Valentino, Margiela and more, Pat McGrath has singlehandedly inspired endless beauty trends over her 20-year career—you can thank her and her namesake cosmetics line for the current maxed-out metallic craze, for example. The artist’s gift we can’t get enough of rn though? #SwatchPorn. Of course, beauty bloggers have long been photographing swipes of makeup on their arms to help readers see a product’s true look, but McGrath’s recent videos of Metalmorphosis, a set of insanely reflective gold, silver, copper and bronze pigments and creams, take swatching to a whole new level. They are just so damn hypnotizing. And while swatches are handy if you’re actually trying to decide which product to buy, they’re also oddly calming (and addictive) to look at. Here, a round up of the Instagram swatchporn pics that bring us endless delight.

A video posted by @patmcgrathreal on

The shimmer is flowing but the cream stays in place. HOW!? (*watches 37 more times*)


A photo posted by @princesswatches on

Why swatch in stripes when you can swatch in hearts?


A photo posted by @dominoemarquez on

So much love for this ombré rainbow.


A photo posted by @melly.blaze on

Now that’s how you glitter.


A photo posted by @hexxennacht on

Baby swatches!


A photo posted by @californiagirlsoficial on

Can swatch math be a school subject, pls?


A photo posted by @conmain30 on

The more skin tones, the better!


A photo posted by @sheryl_wong_makeup on

A five-star rating for this one.


A photo posted by @beautiquet on

Because you can’t talk swatches without Kylie Cosmetics.


A video posted by @patmcgrathreal on

One more hit of McGrath magic for you!

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