A GIF-by-GIF Guide to Nailing Your Liquid Eyeshadow

Want to rock all the amazing new liquid eyeshadow that just hit shelves and beauty counters? We can help, with handy tips and GIFs

With a slew of stunning liquid eyeshadow dropping this spring, we couldn’t get enough of these mega-watt metallic formulas. But how do you apply them without creating a smudgy-mess?! Beauty blogger Rebecca Pilozo Melara shows us how to ace these long-lasting formulas.


Tip #1: Ditch the applicator

When I apply liquid eyeshadow, I don’t use the provided brush or sponge. I can’t get enough control with them, and too much product ends up on my lids. For this look, I gently patted the shadow all over my lids with my ring finger. I found that if you want a light application, a sweeping motion is best. That will help disperse the shadow and keep it more sheer.

Product used: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Smoldering Satin, $31,


Tip #2: Fake more sleep

I used a light peachy liquid shadow applied to the inner corners of my eyes to instantly brighten up your face–which is ideal to counteract any dark shadows in and around the eyes. A cream shadow is also great as it will stay put all day long, giving you a ‘I-just-slept-8-hours’ look.

Product used: Make Up For Ever Star Lit Liquid in Golden Peach, $30,


Tip #3: Make a cocktail

Customizing your own shade by mixing two existing colours. To create this intergalactic shimmery look, I mixed NYX Lid Lingerie in Morning Sky (turquoise blue shade) and Whimsy (a pink shimmer) together. For smooth and even application, do all your mixing on the back of your hand before you apply the custom shade onto your eyelids. But don’t overdo it and blend too many shades, because the mixture could get clumpy and thick.

Products used: NYX Lid Lingerie in Morning Sky, $9,; NYX Lid Lingerie in Whimsy, $9,


Tip #4: Keep it in line

Bold colours are key when you want to get creative, like on this winged liner look–but the lines need to be straight. For this graphic look, I used a flat foundation brush with a light concealer to clean up the edges.

Product used: The Estée Edit Fluid Metal Eyeshadow in So Extra, $28,

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