How To Use a Colour Corrector (And Not Look Like Bobo)

Intense clown contouring? No thanks. But a little tasteful colour correction? Sign us up. From brushes to pencils to cushion compacts, we've got the newest discolouration fixers—and how to use them

Real talk: colour correctors kind of look like clown makeup, and when you don’t know which one goes where or does what, well, you might end up looking circus-ready. With so many new green, peach and lilac wonders hitting stores in all shapes and sizes, we turned to Lloyd Simmonds, Yves Saint Laurent’s creative director of makeup, for a little pro know-how.

“Use a colour corrector to minimize minor skin discolourations or blemishes before using foundation,” he explains. “Any colour can be neutralized by its opposite on the colour wheel.” Green chills out redness, violet conceals yellow-ish sallow skin and, vice versa, a yellow cream can minimize purple undereye circles.

Once you figure out what shade you need, apply it under your foundation, just like concealer. “Blend the edges with delicate tapping movements to eliminate any excess,” advises Simmonds.

Whether you prefer to paint, dab or draw, here are seven new formats that will help put an end to your discolouration woes.

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