How to throw a themed book club party

How to Start a Book Club: Throwing a themed book club party

How to Start a Book Club
Throwing a themed book club party

Hosting a book club party can be more than just talking about books! Next time it’s your turn to host why not throw a themed party? Here are some great tips on how to get inspiration from your books:

1) Set the theme of your party right from the start
If your book is a real tear-jerker why not mail out handmade invitations written on tissue paper? Or select free Evite cards according to theme and email them out to all your guests.

2) Get your guests involved
Perhaps ask other book club members to arrive dressed up as their favourite character. Then take turns guessing who everyone is.

3) Decorate with books
You can do this inexpensively by borrowing books from the library (try and pick books from the author you are reading) and place them around the room.

4) Get inspired!
Pull inspiration from the chosen book. If your book is a sappy love-story, decorate the room with flowers and hearts. For a mystery, keep the lights low and use candles as your guide. Reading a crime novel? Why not decorate with candlesticks, wrenches and ropes. The fun is in the decorating!

5) Try to theme your night according to the region your book is set in
This month’s selection about life the South? Try serving fried chicken, grits, and pecan pie. Get cooking.

6) Make the room as comfortable as you can
Throw extra pillow on the floor for lounging. Add a couple warm blankets to chair. Make your environment warm and friendly.