The Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup—Care of Pinterest

A cluttered vanity? No thanks. If you don't have the bucks to splurge on fancy storage, try these DIY hacks from Pinterest

We’ve all been there—a cluttered vanity, makeup brushes sprawled across the bathroom counter, tripping over hair iron cords. It’s time to get organized, people, before we injure ourselves/watch a beloved product land in the toilet.

But we don’t all have the $$$ to splurge on fancy holders for all of our prized possessions. So we took it upon ourselves to find some easy DIY ways to organize makeup, skincare and tools. And where better to look than the holy grail that is Pinterest?

Herewith, better ways to organize bulky eyeshadow palettes, tangled styling tools, lipsticks and fragrances. Let the organization begin!

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