Best Tinder Profile Beauty Looks: Cute, Sexy or Fashion-Forward?

One brave woman tests three beauty looks on Tinder

As part of FLARE’Dating in the Digital Age package—we asked Blaire, a 26-year-old Tinder addict and PR coordinator in Toronto, to craft three profiles with distinct beauty looks and report back on what guys liked. Sadly, her findings confirmed some pretty stereotypical male attitudes.

Methodology: Blaire posted each profile on Tinder for a week, swiping right—Yes, let’s chat!—1,000 times for each. She kept her preferences the same throughout: gal seeking 25- to 44-year-old guy within 21 kilometres.

Week 1: The effortless cutie Simple ponytail, natural makeup, plain black T-shirt.

Photo: Lindsay Murrell

Photography (throughout): Lindsay Murrell

Matches: 530
Sample message:

profile is adorable

Week 2: The modern sexpot Loose, tousled tresses; berry lips; loads of lashes; low-cut tank.

Matches: 736
Sample messages:

I love you

Week 3: The style sophisticate Heavy brows, sleek pony, snakeskin-print varsity jacket.


Matches: 319
Sample messages:

UR fat