How to make time for a man

How to free up time for yourself and, consequently, for a guy.

How to make time for a man

Life gets crazy sometimes. Between work, play, family, and friends, it’s hard to find a moment to yourself. But how about finding a moment for a man? Whether you’re trying to spend more quality time with your husband or trying to make a free night for a blind date, here’s how to free up time for yourself and, consequently, for a guy.

Say no when people ask
Your time is precious. So why do you have to accept every invitation and agree to help everyone out? You don’t. Remember your priorities (and remember who’s important to you) and stop saying you’ll do things (or meet up with people or see new babies) when you just don’t have the time.

Ignore your phone
Cell phones are great, but here’s a news flash: you don’t have to answer it every time it rings. Make sure you designate a phone-free quiet time each night (don’t answer the phone after 9:30 p.m., for example) and don’t hesitate to let calls go to voicemail. As we all know, if it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

Don’t overwork yourself
A typical job runs 9 to 5. So why are you on your computer every evening and every weekend? A little overtime never hurt anyone, but putting your career over your friends, your family, and yourself is sure to run you to the ground. Work as hard as you can when you’re on the clock and be sure to pull yourself away often.

Keep one designated time each week completely free
Whether it’s a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon, pick one time each week when you’ll never make plans. If anyone asks, simply say you’re booked. Use that time to do laundry, buy groceries, return phone calls, nap. Stick to it and enjoy it.