The Best Long-Lasting Makeup Tips from Some of Our Fave YouTubers

Get ready for your makeup to stay (and slay) all day

As we enter heat wave season, we’ll do just about anything to ensure our face looks flawless all day long (instead of melting off the second we step out the door). Who do we turn to for advice? YouTube beauty gurus, of course.

We scoured the ‘Tube for expert tips on looking (and feeling) fresh all summer long. You’re welcome.

Always start with a moisturized face

Dulce Tejeda, otherwise known as DulceCandy87 on YouTube, always moisturizes her face before applying her full makeup look. Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but this step is a crucial first step in your routine. You want to make sure your skin is hydrated so makeup doesn’t cling to any dry patches on your skin and flake off.

Prime, prime, prime!

Another important step that you don’t want to skip? Primer. One of our fave YouTubers, MannyMUA, always primes his skin before applying his foundation. His tip: silcone-based primers are great for the T-zone, where many people are the oiliest, to fill in pores for a smoother foundation application.

Powder before foundation? Say what!?

Putting powder on before foundation is usually considered a makeup no-no, but hear us out. LeighAnnSays taught us to apply a very thin layer of loose power (not pressed) after your primer, focusing on spots where your foundation creases or wears off quicker. This sets your makeup and gives a bit of added coverage meaning you don’t need to use as much foundation. Less foundation means less makeup to melt off. It’s a win-win!

Slay all day with your setting spray!

The last step for long-lasting makeup? Lock it all down with a setting spray. Our girl Nikkie De Jager, otherwise known as NikkieTutorials, has provided us with the ultimate setting spray technique that she learned from MakeupbyMario (aka Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist). When you’re all set with your final makeup look, spray your face with whatever setting spray you got, and immediately fan your face until the spray is completely dry. We’ve tried it and it def works. Your makeup will. Not. Budge.