How to Find Your Dream Job

A girl’s guide to landing a job that’s worth jumping out of bed for.

How to Find Your Dream Job
A girl’s guide to landing a job that’s worth jumping out of bed for.

Fact: The average person is estimated to change careers as many as four or five times over a lifetime. And when it comes to changing jobs within the same industry, for many people it’s reportedly anywhere from five to 10 different positions.

It’s Sunday night, and you shouldn’t be worrying about work, but you are. Just when did your career begin to feel more like a time-card-punching job than a fulfilling pursuit? You’ve lost that loving feeling, and you’re wondering if you have the confidence to make a move.

No matter which stage you are in your career, the best approach is to get to know the deeper threads that guide you—the elemental forces that drive your job choices. Go through the exercise of interviewing yourself about your needs before a job calamity strikes.

Step 1: Answer FLARE’s Dream Job Questionnaire  

  1. What kind of work environment do you prefer?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What types of careers are you interested in? There’s not right
    or wrong answer, so be honest with yourself.

  4. What is your favourite thing about our present career?
  5. If money wasn’t a question, what would you do in life?

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Work It Girl
Overnight successes?
Think again.

Julia Roberts Former journalism student, now Oscar-winning actor
Eva Avila Postal clerk turned Canadian Idol and Sony/BMG artist
Jennifer Lopez From law clerk to dancer to singer/actor
Eva Longoria College graduate with a degree in kinesiology to desperate housewife
Sandra Oh Former ballet dancer, now Emmy-winning TV star

Step 2: Repeat this mantra every morning
“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Step 3: Start networking. The closer you get to the people that have your dream job, the closer you become to attaining your desirable profession.

Step 4: Once you figure out exactly what you want to do, try to get a relatable internship. It will help you decide on the career path you want to take. Former FLARE fashion intern Brett Placzek just completed her internship and had this to say:


“I had an interest in graphic design, art and marketing and thought I might pursue one of those fields. My experience at Flare made me realize that I would be happy on many different sides of the fashion world. My internship allowed me to personally touch upon different areas, such as marketing, promotions, and event planning.”

Step 5: Take FLARE’s career quiz at to see if it’s time to make a change.

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