Here's How to Do Fishtail Brows—If You Want to Get in on the Latest WTF Beauty Trend

We spoke to a Benefit brow guru to find out exactly how makeup artists and beauty bloggers are achieving the latest bizarre brow look

Some people go to great lengths to get their brows on fleek. Others literally say fuck it and do the exact opposite, colouring and crafting their arches into bizarre shapes and styles, because … well, we’re not exactly sure why.

It seemed to reach the height of mania in 2017, when we saw everything from squiggle brows to Christmas tree brows taking over Instagram and Reddit. But a new year is here, and it looks like we’re not over crazy brow trends yet. The latest? Fishtail brows.

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Our feeds are legit blowing up right now with arches shaped like a fishtail: the first half of the brow is left in tact and the second half appears to split and angle up just after the arch. Beauty obsessives are achieving the look with either a shaved (gasp!) or super concealed (or often just PhotoShopped) gap and then shaping the tail upward with a brow filler.

Unlike some of the other crazy brow trends we’ve seen, it sounds like people are actually into trying this one out IRL. So, if you’re one of them, keep reading. We spoke to Maddox Lu, National Brow and Trend Artist at Benefit, for the prods and techniques you’ll need (first and foremost: a steady hand!).

“You could achieve this trendy brow style by using a brow setter [like a gel or pomade] to brush up and split your hairs into the fishtail shape, followed by using a pencil to fill in and exaggerate it,” Lu says. A pencil will offer more control and precision than a powder or cream filler. He recommends Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil and also suggests creating a significant gap with concealer before the tail for an even more dramatic effect.

We can barely master the simple cat eye, so this new trend is going to be a hard pass from us, but we’re definitely enjoying seeing all the makeup artists and beauty bloggers creating various renditions of the look. Who knows how long this fishtail fad will last—probably only a few weeks until the next wacky trend replaces it—so we’ll enjoy it while it’s here!


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