How to convince him to do what you want.

Want your guy to do something he’s not sure about? Here’s how!

Want your guy to do something he’s not sure about?
Convince him to do what you want.

Ask nice
Put your idea on the table without pressure. Be upfront and tell him exactly what it is that you want. Don’t leave out details and don’t distort the truth.

Tell him why
Let him hear your side of things. Explain why it’s important to you and tell him why you want him to take part. Once he hears your point of view and sees how much it means to you, it may help sway his vote.

Lay low
Remember: no pressure. Your guy needs time to process your request and to sort through his feelings. Don’t pester him. Give him the time (and space) he needs to weigh both sides. Do. Not. Bug.

Accept his final answer
Once he’s come to you with his decision, accept it. It may not be what you want to hear, but you have to respect his choice. He’ll do the same to you when the roles are reversed.

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