How-To: Beetlejuice-Inspired Nail Art For Halloween

Easy DIY nails to shake, shake, shake out your Halloween spirit

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is days away, and chances are you’ve made plans to attend a festive party or two. Whether you choose to dress head-to-toe in a favourite costume, or take the easy way out with a silly hat or pair of glasses, freaky nails are an easy, inexpensive way to take part in the fun.

This year, we suggest a funky black, white and purple set of nails inspired by Tim Burton’s 1988 teen-angst-meets-the-underworld classic, Beetlejuice, which starred a gothy Winona Ryder. Bold black-and-white stripes (based on the title character’s dandy suit, but it has a Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 vibe!) pair with a few strategically-placed spider webs to give a haunted-mansion vibe. The design is simple enough to paint on your own nails, but if you have short nail beds, or lack a steady hand, we suggest painting a pair of press-ons instead. 


1. Start by painting three nails black and two purple, two coats per nail.

2. With a fine-tipped applicator, nail brush or nail pen, paint white stripes on the black nails. We chose to do horizontal stripes on two nails and vertical stripes on one.

3. Next, spiderwebs on the purple nails with black polish. Draw straight lines outward from a central point at varied angles. Then connect them with curved lines–you know, like a spiderweb.

4. Paint white polish in the spaces of the webs so that the black lines will pop.

5. Finish off with a shiny top coat and get ready to shake, shake, shake, Señora!

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