Turns Out I’ve Been Putting on My Concealer Wrong This Whole Time

This genius hack will save you precious $$$


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been applying your makeup pretty much the same way since you started wearing the stuff. But every so often you learn a new genius trick that totally revolutionizes your routine. For me, it was how to apply concealer.

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with Veronica Chu, COVERGIRL Make-Up Pro, and she casually started applying someone’s makeup, foundation first. I was shooketh. The first thing I reach for in my makeup case is always concealer. Tbh, the faster I can cover up my dark circles and acne scars, the better. But Veronica explained this should be step number two.

“Since most foundations have colour correcting properties in their formulas, a light layer gives you a some level of concealing already,” Chu explains. She went on to state that because concealer is typically thicker in consistency, you’ll use less product if you apply it after your foundation. Less product means less money spent and I can’t argue with that.

Once you’ve applied your foundation, it’s really up to you how much concealer you want to use after. If you’re looking for more coverage, Veronica suggests applying one layer, letting it dry and then adding another layer on top.

Now that you’re armed with this new hack, scroll through the gallery below to read about FLARE staffers’ fave concealers on the market now.

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