Hot Hair with a Retro Nouveau Twist

The stylists of Toronto's Marc Anthony Salon fight to create the best fall 2012 look

In celebration of L’Oréal Paris Professionnel’s fall 2012 colour collection, Retro Nouveau — influenced by the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and Elizabeth Taylor — the stylists and colourists at Toronto’s Marc Anthony Salon divided into groups to create unforgettably glam fall looks (and compete for fun prizes).

As a judge for the competition, I stepped into the L’Oréal Academy on a recent afternoon and found a room of ten beautiful girls, each sporting a different colour, cut and style. They were dressed in 1950s- and ’60s-esque clothing: fur stoles, sparkling jewellery, houndstooth-patterned pieces and nude pumps. Each model stood next to a board covered in magazine cut-outs that spoke to the look each group was trying to achieve.

After scoping out the hairstyles, we were asked to judge based on presentation, creativity, wearability, plus each look’s adherence to the Retro Nouveau theme. While all of the judges were in unanimous agreement on the top four styles, we each differed a little on which we thought should take the top prize. 

My favourite style consisted of loose blond curls that were pinned back with a diamanté clip. The colour was flawless, and had subtle reddish streaks running through the back. The look read as retro bombshell, but was quite modern totally wearable today. After tallying the marks, the look took third place.

Second place went to an asymmetrical curled bob with side-swept bangs and violet highlights, and the coveted first-place slot was awarded to a rounded Twiggy-inspired crop with a dark base and blond overlay.