Aries Fergie

To be alive is to play the game of life, especially from the 3rd. Don’t worry about the stakes; challenge your mind at every chance. Frustration on the 12th gives way to opportunities by the 18th. Your communication skills are useful beyond measure from the 20th. Treat neighbours with respect all month—whether you mend fences or just take the time to share a pot of tea.


Taurean Donatella Versace

Concentrate on finances until the 19th. Don’t panic; create order and tackle the issues that intimidate you. Be wary of anyone who tells you not to worry your pretty little head about such things. Friends may irritate you around the 12th; their intentions are good so don’t overreact. From the 20th, spend some of that hard-earned, intelligently managed money of yours on a worthy investment piece. Be generous with relatives on the 30th.

Cancer Selma Blair

Lay low on the communication front until the 19th to diminish the possibility of playing broken telephone. Imagine perfect love on the 9th, then watch your dream turn into reality on the 14th. By the 18th, organize your life—it’s prep for the future. On the 20th, life resumes a normal pace. Spend time or money getting beautiful on the 21st. Let your life shine by cleaning house on the 30th.

LEO >  

Leo Jeremy Piven of Entourage

Everybody loves a Leo, even if you don’t love yourself quite as much. Return your friends affection and show them how much you appreciate them from the 3rd–10th. Love transcends insecurity from the 14th–19th; go on that blind date, otherwise you’ll never know. From the 20th–30th, passionate people are everywhere. While some of them make you happy, and others make you uncomfortable, they’re all challenging you to express your emotions.


Virgoan Karl Lagerfeld

You’ve had enough of other people pulling the strings, and while you’re not a puppet, this is not the time to change the world. Step back and let things happen; you will learn much more this way. After the 19th, it’s time to jump into action—calmer, wiser and ready to roll. Loving friends are there for you on the 21st, but you have to be there for yourself as well. Pay attention to your true motivations.


Libran Avril Lavigne

Information can be overwhelming if you don’t prioritize. From the 3rd–13th, protect yourself from distractions. Be rewarded with a breakthrough between the 14th and 20th. Romantic passion flares between the 21st and 30th. It’s part fantasy, part chemistry; just remember that love thrives on freedom first, containment later.


Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

Resist the temptation to trust people just because they’re smart. Double-check information that may lead you to surrender money or love to someone you don’t know well. From the 3rd–10th, the coast looks clear but, from the 12th–18th, nothing is as it seems. Make use of your natural detective skills and trust your hunches. Ambition is a wild ride for you from the 21st–30th; hold on to your dreams.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

Nothing he says makes sense; trust his actions to speak louder than his words. From the 4th–9th, he’s yours in body, mind and spirit but, from the 12th–19th, his love is hot and cold, both delightful and downright overwhelming in its intensity. Luckily for you, from the 20th–30th, it all becomes clear and you reach a mutual understanding. Avoid the ups and downs by waiting until the 20th to begin the real negotiating.


Capricorn Jude Law

Summer is around the bend, but you hardly have time to smell the roses. Stay focused till the 13th, then take a break until the 19th. Don’t worry about someone stealing your job—there’s no one who can do it as well as you. Financial challenges arise from the 20th–30th. What you need is enough change in your pocket for the parking meter and the willingness to clear your debt once and for all.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

If your focus hasn’t turned toward love yet, it will soon. Don’t expect a love letter in the mail, though. Simply live your life with a kind and caring heart and love will come to you. Money worries emerge around the 12th, but chances are they will be resolved quickly. Everything wrong starts to go right from the 21st. Let romance carry you away on the 30th.


Piscean Queen Latifah

If you love to putter around the house, this is your month. Look for creative ways to make home life fun and beautiful. Irritating delays—especially on the 13th—are momentary and not worthy of your focus. Long days and nights from the 14th–20th reveal some bumps in the road ahead when it comes to friendships, career and family. Only a few are your responsibility, so tackle them and move on. You should have it all wrapped up by the 30th.


Julie Simmons

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