Outlook You’ve got it goin’ on in 2009! Career will be a recurring theme, but it’s certainly not all work and no play.
Love & Life With Jupiter whooping it up in your friendship sector all year, you’ll find out if it really is possible to have too much of a good thing. Simply assert your sassy self as you crack your famous wit and you’ll bring many an admirer to heel. You’ll have to keep a few hounds at bay, though. Make sure any contender is true-blue before you promote him to alpha male, especially from November on.
Work & Money The winds of change storming your work situation hit gale force in February and September. You may have—consciously or subconsciously—been stirring it up in a way that is not blowing away your superiors. The time has not yet come for your big debut; that’s still a few years down the road. For now, show you can hold down the fort (even if it means making the coffee run) while you polish those networking skills. For the final two months of the year, keep an eye out for financial advisors in sheep’s clothing; one might make a monkey of you.



Outlook This year, you’ll waltz your way into career success, perhaps with a steady dance partner. Note the choreography changes during autumn—that’s when it’s all about improvisation.
Love & Life A lust-at-first-sight experience in February or September may make you forget what a lady you are. By the time you both come up for air, your good-girl reputation will be in tatters, but you just might have met your life partner. If not, hang onto the shreds of your dignity because sanity returns to your relationships come November. As a long testing phase ends, a contender who’s pure gold could appear by year’s end.
Work & Money This is no time to just paw the earth. Jupiter, planet of expansion and lucky breaks, shines in your career sector, so put your head down and charge! That is, except in May or December, when you’d best pull in your horns about salary expectations. Come fall, the same old paddock, even with all of its four-leaf clovers, proves too confining. Look into upgrading your skills or education so you can later make your break.



Outlook You’ll expand both your mind and your material assets this year. Also, your desire for new faces, spaces and places will be overwhelming, so pack a bag and make sure your passport is valid.
Love & Life The spiritual or philosophical side of life moves you closer to nirvana—and possibly a soul mate—in May and December. In fact, wherever you go, a meeting of the minds awaits, which is Gemini heaven! You’ve spent some time figuring out what you want in a partner and, from November on, you’ll be in hot pursuit of the ideal mate. But since your head is in the clouds, be careful about the down-to-earth side, as trusting the wrong person may cost you.
Work & Money Scandals and shakeups from on high can throw even roll-with-the-punches you in February and September. You could make like Peter Pan and fly away. But you’re no Lost Girl; you have more control over your destiny than you think. Rest assured, you will land on your feet, even if it feels like shaky ground. Any financial pressure is likely due to your lust for a new home, sweet home, all your own. From November on, you have but to apply some of the patience and self-discipline you’ve learned to your budget to see your position improve dramatically.



Outlook Money makes your world go round in 2009! You’ll finally stop going in circles and start building a solid future—possibly with a divinely in-sync new partner—during this stellar year.
Love & Life While dreaming of the Man in the Moon, you may walk by the great catch right in front of you. Keep your eyes ahead because, this year, your best opportunities for meeting someone on terra firma oc-cur along your regular route. Shed all those little fears and be bodacious; chat up likely lads over lattes or cantaloupes. Do avoid travel for work or pleasure in February and September, when it’ll prove simply an exercise in frustration. By November, you’ll want to stay put and set down deep roots, anyway.
Work & Money Time to get out from under and get on top of things, which means you’re outta that cozy shell! Catch a new wave by learning new things: upgrade a skill, brush up on a lost language—whatever appeals. It’s the surest way to get you riding high in your career. Some se-rious undertows could rip through your finances in May or December and send you scuttling for cover. But only if you maxed the credit card or played ostrich with a tax matter, which, as a savvy Crab, you won’t do. Right?

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Outlook Others are highly significant this year, whether a main squeeze or someone you brush shoulders with. Any one (or maybe all) of them could prove to be your lucky charm.
Love & Life Jupiter makes a once-in-12-years visit in your house of partners. Romance, long languishing in the far reaches of the galaxy, enters your orbit and could bring a dashing life copilot. Meanwhile, all sorts of aliens turn out to be quite friendly, promising a social life in the stratosphere whether you’re attached or single. Careful, though: you could be blindsided in May or December if you insist on seeing only the best in everyone. Since bounders abound then, do check all creds and fine print, and keep on course.
Work & Money Be prepared for a little financial white-water rafting in February and September. Fortunately, you’ve learned how to hang on without white-knuckling it all the while. You’ve also learned it’s the boring stuff like savings and sound investments that provide the safest harbours. Between these months, you just might head upstream as you discover an optimum use for your many skills and talents. There are bigwigs willing to pay top dollar to have you part of the crew. But, during the final two months, you may insist on being captain of your own ship (as in, maybe, a new business).




Outlook Presto! Your wish has come true. You do go on about how you love to keep busy—and you’ll be called to (multi)task with élan throughout 2009.
Love & Life Someone will rock your universe in February or September, but should you roll with it? It’s your call, but keep in mind that people (friends, lovers, coworkers) tend to come and go at an alarming rate now. Never mind, though; simply focus on the one in front of you and let the others boogie on out. You’re ready to rumba into a new relationship by the fall anyway, with a steady partner who supports your ambitions without stepping on your toes or clinging too tightly.
Work & Money With Saturn in your sign until November, you’ve either been promoted, soon will be or had to prove yourself in some way. It’s all so exhilarating—and exhausting. Since energy equals money, hitting the spa may be the best investment you’ll ever make in the most intense months, such as May and December. But, mostly, it’s a year when you’ll beat all odds to land as many work assignments as you can handle. Just remember you hold all the cards. Resist all pressure to overplay your hand, as in taking on a bunch of projects unworthy of your great potential.




Outlook Love, laugh, play—all of these impulses are good ones to follow this year. But the piper must be paid, too, so make sure you don’t trip over the bottom line.
Love & Life Bountiful Jupiter graces your romance and frolic sector. Your “Fave Five” swells to a cast of thousands and your social-networking page hits a creative masterpiece. Keep in mind your artful flirtations are best plied at off-hour hangouts: the gym, nightclubs, concerts, wherever. If attached, indulging in any of the above will help keep the spark alive. Attention must be paid in May and December, however, when it’s way too easy to fall in love with love, rather than the right guy. Questions popped or fielded around this time should be put to the acid test of time. Insist on it.
Work & Money You’re outta here! Cubicle fever strikes with a vengeance, the key months being February and September. Maybe you’re sick of all the corporate shuffling or you just have career claustrophobia and need to bust out. Best approach: schmooze within the organization to protect your position, and outside it to lay the groundwork for your next big move. Come November, you’ll have a whole new set of goals and expectations anyway. In the meantime, don’t try to owe, owe, owe your boat along.




Outlook What drives you in 2009? The desire to find a place (or person) that makes you feel vital, secure and ecstatic.
Love & Life You’ve got two hotels on Park Place and all the utilities; he’s about to lose his shirt. Such gamesmanship may be why your relationships seem so uneven of late. In February and September, you’ll catch a glimpse of what it could be like to have a more equal match, whether you’re attached or not. If not, joining a group with a cause could provide the vehicle to meet a whole different type of player. Advantage, yours! Another bonus: most of the year you attract helpful and supportive types who become “family.”
Work & Money A sudden nesting urge could prove hazardous to your wealth in 2009. You may push so hard to upgrade living quarters that you fall behind financially. Take it easy on the curves and put any big project on cruise control during the over-limit months of May and December. Do think carefully, too, before shouldering more overtime or a second job to underwrite your project. Mostly, this is the year to invest in remodelling your life and to build toward something bigger and brighter.


Outlook Give your car or scooter a tune-up because you’re on the go! You’ll manage to be where it’s happening at all times—and even generate some buzz yourself.
Love & Life Hit the urban or corporate jungle and mingle, as your best chance of meeting someone new is while on safari. Fuel prices and such keep you closer to home than usual, but that just means you might hook up with someone who shares your passion for local exploration. A meeting of the minds is more important to you than other concerns, in any event. Be a leader, not a follower, in May and December, when people who can’t (or won’t) deliver on their promises lurk in the underbrush.
Work & Money Good thing you’re such a ramblin’ rose because it’s hard to put down roots this year. In February and December, you could be transplanted in the quest for the perfect job or to find a more congenial roommate. Aim to be proactive all year to cultivate job opportunities, but only accept those that move you toward something, not just away from something thorny. By November, you’ll know what it feels like to not work so hard, except on behalf of the volunteer organization that thinks you’re such a star.


Outlook You’ve got star power to spare, and it could be the year you cut your megadeal.
Love & Life Jupiter, planet of good fortune and just plain luck, is handling your PR now. Expect to be first past the velvet rope everywhere you go. You’ll also receive a ton of enticing offers this year—which one should you accept? You can afford to be picky about whom you let into the inner circle, and among them could be a potential costar in life. Shared space or a joint account will become a make-or-break issue in May or December, but it’s mostly a giddy relationship scenario all year long.
Work & Money Your charisma is in hyperdrive, not to mention your artist’s imagination and that technical savvy worthy of a Bill Gates spawn. But to live up to this gleaming potential, you need to wrap it all up into an attractive package deal. You may have a notion to quit your day job in February or September, but ignore it. The resources to pursue your do-good quests full time simply aren’t there. Instead, work on putting your financial house in order, especially paying off debt, so you can later move into any castle in the air you choose.



Outlook Your intuition and compassion are stronger than ever this year.
Love & Life Until November, you’ll put many an old relationship to the litmus test. Consider it cleaning the karma beaker, especially in February and September. Meanwhile, in come all kinds of folks who challenge you to focus and grow—including one who celebrates the new, improved you. If he still adds to the equation at the end of the year, then he’s a keeper!
Work & Money The planets have been stirring it up in the ole fishbowl, but you’re about to clear the turbulence. If your job situation is shaky, it could be due to your attitude toward authority. For some time, you’ve wanted to break free, but those higher up the food chain seem bent on reining in your free-flowing ways. Once you understand it will help you get real and grounded, you’ll find a win-win compromise—most likely, around May or December.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Tracy Picha. Illustration by Kagan McLeod

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