Aries Fergie

This is the summer to get in shape and do your thing. If you aren’t sporty but are hardworking and appreciate a job well done, that’s good, too. On the 10th, measure your skills. If there’s room for improvement, find a coach. Spend time with family around the 18th; touching base with them is important. From 22nd–27th, enjoy the rewards of a successful project.


Taurean Donatella Versace

The instinct for passionate love runs high this month, as does the desire for commitment. From the 6th–11th, find balance between intensity and patience. If love isn’t your focus right now, concentrate on creative activities or sports. From the 21st–27th, someone who has a crush on you tries hard to impress you. Just remember it never works for a Taurean to compromise where love is concerned.


Gemini Kanye West

Clever is your middle name from the 5th–10th, when you pull yourself out of a major misunderstanding by seeing things from a different perspective. From the 16th, love returns to you; encourage it by using your words. Spend money, time and energy wisely from the 18th–26th. Everything has a price and, sometimes, it’s worth paying. Follow your ideals on the 31st; this will help you choose the best path.

Leo Jeremy Piven of Entourage

Concentrate on the little things that make life sweet, such as the easy way things are done on the 3rd and the friendship that sustains and entertains you on the 6th. All these things are the glue that holds your life together. From the 10th, show the powers that be what you’re made of and you’ll be rewarded on the 26th for a job well done. Maximize your good looks from the 16th. Love trumps all on the 31st.


Virgoan Karl Lagerfeld

Are you aware of how much you’ve learned since last fall? The time has come to put it to use. From the 1st–10th, work hard at using these new skills, from your creative talents (in art or business) to your psychological insight (knowing when to offer criticism and when to keep quiet). A friend who loves you makes a difference in your life on the 6th, 14th, 22nd and 31st. Consider yourself fortunate and show gratitude on the 19th.


Libran Avril Lavigne

Much is expected of you from the 2nd, but none of it is very clear. Misunderstandings at work on the 5th will resolve themselves if you are generous on the 3rd and willing to listen to reason on the 6th. Anxiety makes it easy to get confused about what someone really means. Exciting opportunities are revealed around the 18th. By the 26th, you will know whether these prospects are worth your while if they benefit your loved ones, too.


Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

Use poetic licence and speak heartfelt truths to someone special from the 3rd–9th. If you are not so inclined, quote someone else’s poetry. A friend in need shows you something about yourself on the 10th. Stay by her side till the 15th. Dance the night away on the 18th and pay close attention to what you may discover about yourself.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

Ambition runs high from the 2nd–11th. There is nothing you can’t do. Money loves you on the 3rd, but don’t take it for granted. Some of your most significant lessons are financial, so pay attention. From the 10th–26th, fortunes may be won and lost. Be honest about what makes you feel successful: love, money, business or simplicity? Kick your shoes off on the 31st and indulge in your favourite form of entertainment.


Capricorn Jude Law

This is the perfect summer to travel, but if you can’t fly to Paris or backpack in Thailand, take a vacation in mind and spirit. Either way, there’s much to be gained in wisdom and experience when you stretch your limits and do what you’ve never done before. From the 3rd–11th, this is obvious. Your partner wants your full attention on the 17th–21st. Vitality is strong; you’re unstoppable on the 26th. Believe in love; it will make you even stronger.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

This month, it’s as if you’re being motivated by a power within that knows you better than you know yourself. Pay attention to this still, strong voice from the 3rd–10th. Hard work pays off on the 18th. By the 26th, it’s clear that you can do what is needed of you, even if you doubt yourself. Let love carry you on the 31st.


Piscean Queen Latifah

Battle lines are drawn in relationships. If you aren’t in the mood for battle, create a challenge for you and your partner. The stakes are high in terms of commitment on the 10th; you can work it out if you listen to each other. Invite friends to a party on the 19th (if you weren’t planning one, maybe you should). Love finds a way on the 26th. Share your good feelings with everyone you encounter.


Julie Simmons

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