Aries Fergie

Ambition is high and you will achieve success on the 3rd if you can define how you will accomplish your goals. Money is try-ing its hardest to get into your hands on the 12th, so be receptive. On the 18th, opportunity knocks; invite it in only if you are prepared to give it all you’ve got until the 25th. After that, take a break. If you can’t get away, get lost in a good book.

Gemini Angelina Jolie

It must have been a Gemini who first said, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” You’re often the one in this role; avoid gossip as it tends to undermine most of what is good. If news of life-changing events comes humming along the wires, though, pay attention. It sometimes seems our lives are shaped by acting on a hunch. Opportunity for professional advancement abounds if you listen to what the other person is saying from the 12th–21st.


Cancer Selma Blair

Nobody is saying what they mean or meaning what they say. It’s maddening unless you have the ability to judge how things feel (luckily, you do). Trust your gut from the 12th–20th. Having perfect intimacy with your partner is a fantasy. On the 20th, pay attention to who he is, not who you think he could be. All is clear as a bell by the 26th, and it will either make you laugh or cry.

LEO >  

Leo Jeremy Piven of Entourage

Once upon a time, people weren’t distracted by emails and a person’s mind got to rest. Those days are over. Dive into the con-versation on the 2nd and keep your ears open all month. No one is telling the absolute truth, but then again, truth isn’t an abso-lute thing—there are always shades of grey. Catching the subtlety in a conversation could be a feather in your cap.


Virgoan Karl Lagerfeld

You can wag your finger and complain to your boss but, in the end, you still have to get the work done. It may be frustrating, but it’s also funny if you’re in the mood to see the joke from the 12th–18th. On the 19th, head off the crisis by encouraging eve-ryone to stay calm and consider the reality of what is happening rather than what might happen. You have a gift for averting panic in others (even if you can’t do the same for yourself).


Libran Avril Lavigne

Study the intentions of your beloved on the 5th. If he doesn’t seem to have any, you can either put the words in his mouth or make a change and look for someone else. Between the 12th and the 19th, you have the urge to get domestic. It’s that kind of year for you, so don’t fight it. From the 26th, the most important messages are the ones you give yourself. Pay atten-tion to your thoughts.


Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

He can’t find words to express how much you mean to him around the 3rd, so if words are your measure of affection, per-haps you haven’t yet found true love. On the other hand, you might be pleasantly surprised by how he expresses his love through actions from the 12th–19th. Get everything important done by the 26th, then sit back and treat life as a spectator sport for a few weeks.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

His expectations about you from the 2nd–8th are unreasonable only because he fundamentally doesn’t understand why you do what you do. After the 9th, you set him straight only to fall back into the pit of misunderstandings on the 22nd. Do not despair. Instead, focus on his words and actions and you will find it easier to do the relationship dance. It’s not about doing what he wants; it’s about seeing who he is and matching your step to his.


Capricorn Jude Law

On the 1st, everyone sees you as a success magnet. The expectation that you will lead others to the same level of achieve-ment may be a lot to bear. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed on the 3rd and from the 14th–26th. After that, consider how wisdom comes from experience. If you need more experience, get some this year. From the 26th into June, pay attention to details.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

Aquarians make the best confidants. On the 3rd and the 18th, you help someone sort out a difficult problem. When it comes to handling extreme emotions, however, sometimes you feel like you’re from another planet. Nonetheless, you are loyal and intelligent, and the good advice you give will have friends lining up to be in your presence this month.


Piscean Queen Latifah

The senses are most acute in the spring, when it feels right to taste, smell and touch. Take this heightened awareness and use it to make your home a more sensuous and pleasurable place to spend time. You don’t need someone to share it with, yet. This is a project best accomplished without the opinions of others cramping your style. Step back and consider your design from the 26th.


Julie Simmons

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