Aries Fergie

Show how excellent you are from the 2nd–8th. Doubters will only make you stronger. Passion is high on the 11th. Someone wants you for all they’re worth; if you want to be wanted, life is great from the 17th–21st. Remember, one of love’s great chal-lenges is that it only lasts if everyone benefits. Opportunities for misunderstandings increase from the 25th; to avoid problems, be a willing listener.


Taurean Donatella Versace

You are solid as a rock thanks to your healthy self-esteem and strong values, and life feels mighty good from the 3rd–8th. From the 9th–21st, focus shifts to work. If you enjoy your job, great; if you don’t like it, though, consider other options from the 17th. This is not the time to cut and run, but today’s possibility is tomorrow’s reality. Be ready for love after the 23rd.


Gemini Kanye West

Take that extra money at the start of the month and pay your debt. If you don’t have any debt, save that cash for when you might need it to buy or renovate a home. If you and your partner are planning for the future, consider joint resources from the 9th–21st. Just opening the door to the conversation is good. An ex with romance on his mind is thinking about you around the 28th; wait a few days to respond.


Cancerian Prince William

He loves you and he shows you his love through his actions. So if you like how he talks, but not how he acts, now is as good a time as ever to walk on and seek a more satisfying partner. Relationship issues morph into home and family issues by the 9th. Your nesting instinct on the 11th inspires a renovation. Do the planning, but don’t knock down any walls for a few weeks.

LEO >  

Leo Betsey Johnson

The thing about living in a material world is tangible stuff matters. Things may get lost or broken; on the other hand, goods can be reused, replaced and recycled. The first week of September is for enjoying the material world. By the 11th, you’re inclined to share abundance with the ones who love and understand you. Let love be your highest priority from the 17th–21st. From the 24th, do the back-to-school thing and get organized.

Libran Avril Lavigne

Aligning yourself with strong and sturdy support for the first week of September enables you to ride life’s ups and downs with grace and ease. From the 15th, things seem less random. Your ability to intuit change before it happens skyrockets. From the 17th–21st, you are a social butterfly. From the 24th, cultivate your active listening skills; friends and partners will appreciate it.


Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

Some-times dreams come true, but never the way you imagine. From the 2nd–8th, real life surpasses imagination. Be grateful. Cele-brate good fortune with loved ones on the 15th. From the 17th–21st, your dreams are out of reach, but you understand this is how it is. Take extra care with your appearance from the 24th and steer clear of gossip; what goes around definitely comes around.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

Do what you must to earn what you’re worth. If you need to upgrade your skills, do it. This is a great time to unleash your diplomacy. Focus on facts to back up your demands around the 8th. A close friend could become something more from the 11th–21st; the key is in the conversation. From the 23rd–28th, look to the past to understand what lies ahead, then resolve to make a fresh start on the 29th.


Capricorn Jude Law

From the 1st–8th, you can make great strides in all areas of life. You are the master of your own destiny. Realize a significant ambition from the 11th–21st. Don’t be intimidated by fast-talking phonies; you are the genuine article. Life is like a game of broken telephone from the 24th; don’t fight it, just rely on your sense of humour for the next few weeks.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

Sharing your inner reality with the one you love is rewarding and productive until the 6th. On the 7th, you may feel like it was a big mistake, but don’t stress about it; sharing is a two-way street, and he’ll reciprocate. Bumpy as it seems, it all works out nicely by the 16th. From the 19th–28th, dream big, but don’t quit your day job. It will take awhile for all that potential to become realized.


Piscean Queen Latifah

Meet deadlines and keep your word from the 1st–8th. Don’t sabotage yourself with doubt about whether you are limiting your potential; rather, respect limits and use them to find a steady anchor for the best life you can have. If you want to give Mr. Right what he wants, say “I do” between the 17th and 21st. If not, it’s time to move on.


Julie Simmons

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