You’re revved for success. With all the changes around the workplace, though, a steady hand is needed. Just focus on the finish line and you’ll stay on course. Meanwhile, Venus in your sign fuels you with charisma while an eclipse ignites your love life. You could have a new beau by Valentine’s Day.


20 Tiring of a less-than-balanced relationship? The on-again/off-again bit results in an emotional deficit—get ready to close the books. You’re now primed to find someone steady who appreciates your many assets. Speaking of which, you have no shortage of supporters on the career front. A whole gang of planets rockets you toward your highest goals. Shoot for the moon and aim to plant your flag proudly on fulfilling new territory.


20 When it comes to your social life, this is the coolest month. Alluring Venus helps you dazzle wherever you go, while lusty Mars fires new connections to white-hot. Of course, as a Mercury girl, you know how to keep your options open on all fronts. Should you bail on a boring gig and relocate for that better job? You’ll know when the moment is right, so pack light, hang on to your dreams and just carry on.


Like your personal orb, moon girl, your life tends to go in cycles. For a while, it seemed like your main relationship, or one that seemed destined to be, was on the ebb. But a nice flow of communication has turned the tide, casting you onto shores of pure bliss. A financial deal may be a wash by month’s end. But then, you know what they say about anything that appears too good to be true.

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A lunar eclipse in your sign catapults your love life into an enchanted kingdom, with all sorts of suitors storming the gates. Re-member that some frogs have no princely qualities, no matter how many times you kiss them. The fact that your bank account is inadequate for your royal wishes has you eager. A wild risk could turn into a sizable loss, but more con-servative ventures contribute handsomely to your wallet.



You’ve had to defend what’s yours (in more than one quarter) for some time. You’re still standing—congrats! The fact that you’re handed a large raise or bonus just confirms what a champ you are. Hang on to that newfound inner strength and no one will pin you to the mat. You’re still wrestling with a new idea, though: that intimacy and independence need not be mutually exclusive. A new contender who totally confirms that may appear by Valentine’s Day.



There’s nothing like a good romance to put a sparkle in your eyes. With someone new on the scene, and lascivious Mars onside, your orbs generate fireworks. The rapport may be more about lust than love, but before it fizzles, it’ll illuminate your true heart’s desire. Some workplace tensions you thought were resolved last November resurface. The door looks tempting, but stand strong. By now, you know exactly what it takes to not only cope but triumph.



The planets are doing a strange dance these days, as disco fever hits your career sector. This is no time to hug the wall. Get in step as upbeat opportunities boogie in and you form new liaisons. Meanwhile, a past romantic partner could try to sweep you off your feet (again). But it will all be a case of déjà-ooh. By month’s end, you may decide to cut him loose, while your valiant heart waltzes off with someone new.


You’re on a roll—except for that pesky problem at work. With a little fancy footwork, though, along with your famous confidence, you keep on top of it all. By month’s end, that restless heart of yours urges you through the international departure gate. En route, you just might meet a fellow freedom fighter who encourages you to stand up for both what’s right and what’s yours.



Does life feel like one big, frantic treadmill to nowhere? True, mechanical problems and computer glitches test your sense of progress. But, hey, it’s nothing you can’t take in stride, and if you keep going, there will be more than one brass ring in sight. Grab the cash and run! By month’s end, a member of the opposite sex has you asking, “Your pace or mine?” And to your delight, he easily gets in step with you.

Busy Fish, the planets are stirrin’ it up in the ole bowl! Small wonder the outlook is murky and you’re swimming in circles. Big things await just over the rim, but you’re distracted when a new admirer tries to reel you in. Best hold steady until your heart and mind are in total sync. By month’s end, you’re ready to launch some new plans. An extra chunk of cash, perhaps a bonus, helps you make a big splash.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan. Illustration, Pablo/

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