Aries Fergie

It’s true you are a warrior woman willing to tackle any challenge, sometimes even when there isn’t one. Hold off from reacting to situations until mid-month, when all issues become clearer. Strategize from the 5th–8th. The passion to meet all challenges peaks on the 14th. Trust no one more than you trust yourself from the 27th–31st—your heart is true.


Taurean Donatella Versace

Your guy shows his hand this month. Candlelight and roses on the 5th offers one way to see the relationship; tension over how things are done on the 6th offers another. Find the balance on the 7th. Single girls, take stock of your situation and, around the 10th, celebrate friendship and abundance. Confusion over health or work irons itself out after the 15th. Be passionate about relation-ships from the 27th–31st.


Gemini Kanye West

It used to be all’s fair in love and war, but times are changing. Many of us have come to see strife can be resolved with kindness rather than force. Make this your goal through the highs and lows of the first half of October, even when the odds seem stacked against getting what you want. You might be pleasantly surprised at how things change from the 27th–31st.


Cancerian Prince William

Autumn is time for reflection and feeling thankful for what we have. On the 5th, you are inspired to include your partner in your family. Anxiety sets in on the 6th. Work on having realistic expectations; the world, and especially fam-ily, is never perfect. Everything improves after the 15th. Misunderstandings on the 26th may bring you closer to another person from the 27th–31st.

LEO >  

Leo Betsey Johnson

Once you say it, you can’t take it back, so think before you speak—especially on the 6th, 11th and 14th. The first half of October is an excellent time for editing. Looking fantastic gets easier after the 18th. Pay attention to disgruntled coworkers or employees on the 26th. From the 27th–31st, focus on either creating order at home or getting out of town.



Virgoan Amy Winehouse

If it costs a lot or there is any doubt about whether you want it, hold on to your money until the 15th. By the 26th, your last doubts are gone and all purchases have a ring of truth. Unexpected words of love from a special person rock your world from the 4th–12th. There are layers of meaning here. Time is your ally. From the 27th–31st, the true power of those words becomes clear.

Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

Nobody notices you much until the 4th. Fly under the radar and, on the 6th, tiptoe past misunderstandings that will be easier to work out later on. Romance is sweet on the 10th, but when it comes to real life, it may not deliver all you thought it would. Such is the nature of romance. Work hard from the 13th–16th. Take pleasure in your excellence, even if recognition may not come until after the 27th.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

Despite this month’s social whirl, you may feel lonely. Fight the urge to splurge on the 6th (on something you don’t even want). From the 9th–12th, toss off doubts about whether you can overcome the past. From the 15th, confidence returns and your attention turns toward possibilities for the life you want. Love, friendship, success—it’s all possible when your mind is in the right place. Enjoy a shift in attitude that can change your whole world.


Capricorn Jude Law

Ambition is generally thwarted until the 15th, with some noticeable exceptions on the 5th, 7th and 10th; use your social network to further your cause on those days. Return the favour on the 27th and you will expand the net of goodwill that every Capricorn is wise to create. From the 28th, research your ambitious endeavours, then call on the experts on the 30th.


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

Support comes from unexpected sources from the 5th–7th. Show your appreciation on the 10th or be embarrassed on the 11th. Everyone wants your opinion on the 14th, but hold back until the 16th, when you feel more qualified to give it. Resist making snap judgments on the 26th because things that look bleak may turn out better than you thought from the 27th–31st.


Piscean Queen Latifah

Your imagination, always one of your best traits, hits its stride after the 4th. Don’t hold back; just be sure to check in with a friend from the 5th–10th or risk becoming known as eccentric. Money that is owed is both easier to collect and pay back after the 15th. From the 27th–31st, gather your creations together and consider how you would like to share them.


Julie Simmons

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