Taureans David and Victoria Beckham

Life is giving you sure signs till the 16th; listen well because it will help open doors after the 18th. Take stock of your relationship around the 20th. Intellectual efforts are rewarded on the 22nd, but blurting out uncensored thoughts on the 23rd will upset the apple cart. Fear not because, from the 30th into May, you’re a magnet when it comes to love, beauty and creativity. Whatever you want, you get.


Gemini Angelina Jolie

Power and politics are your main themes from the 1st–13th. The deciding factor in all cases is your values. What you want makes all the difference in how you act. From the 17th–21st, you get to reap what you have sown. This is good news if you have been true to yourself. Be particularly financially responsible on the 23rd and 24th and your life partner will be very impressed on the 28th.


Cancer Selma Blair

From the 2nd–13th, relationships demand much. It’s in your nature to create and nurture productive relationships, so take the initiative. From the 18th–22nd, friends offer support. Figure out whether you need time with them to just hang out or to talk about what matters. Watch how you challenge the status quo around the 23rd, as everyone is insecure these days. All is well on the 28th.

LEO >  

Leo Jeremy Piven of Entourage

The demands of everyday life are extreme, so prioritizing is a must. Put health at the top of the list and pleasing people at the bottom. From the 2nd–11th, intuition lights the way. On the 16th, listen carefully for the truth. From the 18th, ambitious grunt work guides you toward success. Around the 23rd, see the humour in everyone’s opinions and free yourself from the tyranny of small-mindedness (yours included).


Virgoan Karl Lagerfeld

How many times do you have to be reminded you are more than capable when it comes to the task at hand? If it seems people are out to make your life difficult from the 3rd–13th, it might be because that’s how you think. From the 18th, shift your thoughts toward your capabilities and the many things that interest you and your efforts will bear fruit.


Libran Avril Lavigne

What will it be: competition or cooperation? Life’s best when everyone wins, but we are all afflicted at times with the all-too-human impulse of hoping the other guy will fail. Rise above pettiness and reap appreciation the week of the 14th. From the 25th–29th, supporting your family adds stability to your life.


Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio

Your routines fall apart and there seems to be no way to make order until the 6th, when you are filled with “get up and go.” From the 17th, you are blessed with the understanding and acceptance of someone special. Enjoy mutual admiration from the 20th–22nd. Misunderstandings around the 24th are no big deal if you cede control. At any rate, it’s all cleared up by the 28th.


Sagittarian Britney Spears

Love, hope and possibility spring eternal in your optimistic heart. Even so, there’s an underlying feeling all good things must be paid for one way or another. Heed that instinct. Be clear on your limits from the 3rd–13th. Effort is rewarded on the 18th–22nd. Accept your due and ignore people who rain on your parade on the 24th; by the 28th, it’s clear to all you are good!


Capricorn Jude Law

Learn everything you can that helps you manage responsibly with a light heart and a firm step. From the 6th–13th, domestic con-cerns demand your response. On the 18th, everyone looks to you for guidance, which you are more than capable of offering. Love is slow, sensual and bound to last if you and your beloved have compatible beliefs (just avoid introducing him to your family on the 23rd or 24th).


Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

Avoid putting your foot in your mouth for the first week of April and around the 23rd. You may be triggered by all sorts of irritating people—just stay cool. From the 17th–22nd, support comes from the past when an old friend (or even just a memory) reminds you of mistakes made long ago—ones you’ve learned from. Listen for that voice of wisdom again on the 28th.


Piscean Queen Latifah

Shopping is an art form. Besides needing to know when and where to go, you need to know when enough is enough. From the 2nd–14th, good friends help you stay within your limits, while bad friends encourage you to exceed them. Trust and sharing make good communication with your partner possible from the 18th–22nd. Clear up issues around the 24th and, from the 27th–29th, enjoy honest relationships with all.


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