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Forget channel surfing here are eight websites worth watching

Tate Tracks
In a nutshell: Tate Tracks is an experiment between art and music whereby the Tate Modern invited musicians to walk around the gallery, pick an inspiring piece of work, and write a tune.
The focus: The mandate is art-inspiring art. The Result? Collaborations like East London hip hoppers Roll Deep’s soundtrack for Anish Kapoor’s egg-like sculpture.
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Agent Provocateur
In a nutshell: Move over Kylie, the latest ad campaign for the sexy UK lingerie house, Agent Provocateur, stars Kate Moss.
The focus: The four dreams of Little Miss X
Of note: The short black and white films are directed by Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas).
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Eternity Moments
In a nutshell: Before appearing in videos for Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson starred in this steamy commercial for Calvin Klein’s fragrance, Eternity Moments.
The focus: “Just one moment can change everything,” says Johansson in her trademark raspy voice
Of note: ScarJo is also a spokesperson for L’Oreal and Luis Vuitton.
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Johnny Cash: God’s going to cut you down
In a nutshell: The man in black is back. Justin brought him in with the Sexy when he spontaneously wrote the video treatment for one of Cash’s classic hits.
The focus: Timberlake’s vision for this black and white montage, featuring 36 of pop culture’s hottest faces (Johnny Depp and Kate Moss anyone?) came to him when legendary producer Rick Rubin let JT have an early listen to Cash’s posthumous American V: A Hundred Highways.
Of note: Director Tony Kaye (American History X) took directing duties from there.
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Emma Cook Collection
In a nutshell: New mum and UK-based designer Emma Cook by-passed the catwalk this season to showcase her fall ’07 collection on video.
The focus: A former Topshop designer, Cook knows the value of a good frock and uses playful stop-action video to display her clean-cut, ladylike confections.
Of note: Buckled Debbie Harry-esque booties, and menswear-styled trousers paired with fitted tops and full cap-sleeves.
Of note: Director Tony Kaye (American History X) took directing duties from there.
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Artificial Paradise
In a nutshell: Boudicca’s Spring ’07 collection, titled Artificial Paradise, gets the film noir treatment in this animated and photo-video montage.
The focus: With nipped waists and bow detailing, the Boudicca woman takes a virtual trip through a matrix of dark allusions.
Of note: Enjoy the atmospheric sound track while you decipher the too-many-to-count images.
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The Originals
In a nutshell: Actress Marisa Berenson narrates Robert Maxwell’s photographic sequence of “The Originals” set to some seriously stylish music.
The focus: Berenson waxes poetic about what it takes to be an original style-maker. Hint: it’s not a stylist.
Of note: Emily and Zoey Deschanel’s pic looks effortlessly put together in their oh-so-charming way.
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Vice TV
In a nutshell: The creators of Vice magazine have launched their answer to network television, streaming edgy informational content 24-7.
The focus: Eclectic programs that give equal weight to topics ranging from bunny farms to Babyshambles. FYI: Academy Award nominated director Spike Jonze is the creative director.
Of note: A film by Lance Bangs, best known for his on-set documentaries for Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry featuring interviews with Modest Mouse and The Decemberists.
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