Treat Yo' Self: Three Facials to Indulge in for Glowing, Holiday-ready Skin

Everyone will be asking about your radiant skin, trust

Masks to try to get your skin holiday-ready

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Temperatures have dropped and Halloween is behind us, which can only mean one thing: the holidays—and, for many of us, winter; *shudder*—are fast approaching. But while the biggest parties of the year (and a hyper-hectic schedule) are almost here, your skin may have not gotten the memo. If your face is lacking hydration, radiance, or a bit of both, that’s totally normal this time of year as a combination of weather changes and stress can leave skin begging for a little extra TLC.

We’ve done our research here at FLARE (it’s a hard job but somebody has to try all these spa treatments) to round up three must-try facials to get your skin prepped for the holiday season. Read through to find out which one is best for your skin type and you’ll be glowing in no time.

Facial #1: IPL Treatment

IPL, a.k.a. intense pulsed light, targets a multitude of skin woes, like sun damage, rosacea and dullness, so chances are you could reap the benefits from a sesh for any of these common issues. During a treatment, intense pulses of light penetrate deep into the skin to cause blood vessels and collagen below the surface of the skin to coagulate which results in reduced redness, lightened sun spots and improved texture. While the treatment sounds extra, IPL treatments are surprisingly pretty pain and hassle-free, with no downtime required afterwards. And although three to five treatments are typically recommended to see serious results, changes can often be seen in the skin after a single session. If you have the time—and $$$—stepping in for a few treatments before the holidays hit would be ideal (just make sure to leave three to four weeks in-between sessions!), but even if you only have time to go once, your skin will still thank you. IPL treatments are available across Canada, with spas like Pure + Simple in Ontario performing popular IPL sessions that target acne, hair removal, photorejuvanation and rosacea on the regular.

Facial #2: Detox Treatment

With all the pollution and environmental toxins you expose your skin to throughout the year, the holiday season is a perfect time to do a little house cleaning on your pores. If your skin is inflamed, red or you’re having a breakout, a detox facial is the deep-cleaning treatment you need to fix up your face. Intended to help protect your skin from the negative effects of a busy lifestyle and stress, lay back and relax while a facialist pampers your skin while giving your pores a gentle clean. Results are immediate with your skin looking clean, clear, radiant and toxin-free. Detox facials have gained popularity over the last few years, with most spas offering a version of the service. One option is the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie in Toronto—their Vineactiv Treatment is the perfect solution for stressed skin, trust. You’ll leave with your skin immediately looking like a million *radiant* bucks.

Facial #3: Oxygen Treatment

Celebs have long been swearing by oxygen facials before big red carpet events to add a dose of glow to the skin (Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton are apparently fans). A bit different than your typical facial, an oxygen treatment involves applying a highly pressurized stream of oxygen that’s packed with skin nutrients, like hyaluronic acid, onto the skin. The session is painless and relaxing and the results are immediate. You’ll notice skin looks plumper, smoother and dewier before even leaving the ladies room, making it a must right before a big event (or three, like that trio of holiday parties you’ve got crammed into one week). Beauty brands have caught on to the benefits of oxygen facials, as evidenced by the oxygen masks stocking Sephora’s shelves now, and while they will give your skin an at-home boost of hydration, you can’t beat the real deal. Since they’re available at most spas across the country, tracking down an oxygen facial option in your town shouldn’t be challenging. One to consider in Toronto is the Oxygen Infusion Facial at Elmwood Spa, where 84-90% pure oxygen is spritzed deep into your pores for an out-of-this-world glow. Another option is Toronto’s Blitz Facial Bar who do a killer radiance-boosting treatment with The O2 Blitz. It plumps, lifts and brightens skin and (added bonus) the results from the facial increase over the 10 days following the treatment.

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