Burn calories with 15 everyday activities from FLARE!

Burn calories with 15 everyday activities

Living a healthy lifestyle is about incorporating good habits into your everyday routines—not about making impossible goals. If you can’t find time for the gym, here are everyday activities that will help you burn calories and stay fit.

Read on for 15 ways to burn calories without going to the gym


Everyday Activities | 15 calorie burners*

1. Taking the Stairs
2. Bicycling (flat land)
3. Hiking
4. Walking (with stroller)
5. Walking (leisurely)
6. Housecleaning
7. Shoveling Snow
8. Gardening
9. Mopping
10. Grocery Shopping
11. Dancing (really having fun!)
12. Doing the Dishes
13. Laughing (10-15 minutes)
14. Watching TV
15. Kissing
up to 50

Time to calculate your calorie intake versus expenditure


*Based on an activity duration of 30 minutes and the average weight of Canadian women (153 lbs or 69 kg)

FITNESS EQUATION | Measure your success

To maintain the most basic level of fitness, all you need to do is pay attention to your proportion of intake (food and drink) to expenditure (calorie burn). Here is a simple equation:

Intake + Expenditure = +/- Overall Calories


Food + Exercise = +/- Weight

The more productive and busy your day is, the more calories you burn, and the better you feel because you got a lot done!

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BASICS | Everyday basics to stay fit

1. Walk and take the stairs. If you have to drive, park a few blocks away so you can have a short 5 – 10 minute walk in the process. 2. If you live in a large building, the stairs the first 3-5 floors and then jump onto the elevator to make sure you’re on time! 3. Take 1-2 minute breaks to stretch a body part during the day. Stretching your arms, chest, back, legs, and neck a few times a day is a great way to relieve the tension and strain caused by prolonged sitting and staying in the same position. 4. If you can, keep a stability ball around and use it as a chair. Sitting on a stability ball is an ongoing workout and stabilizes the core throughout a range of muscle groups.

It’s amazing how much our body works for us. A day of cleaning chores (with mopping), laughing, doing the dishes, walking, watching some TV, and interrupting that show for some kissing will help you burn 683.4 calories.

REMEMBER: Before starting any exercise or heavy chore, you should always do a warm-up. A few jumping jacks or stair climbs will do. Also important before and after any routine or intense chore is a quick stretch.

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CONCLUSION | The everyday workout

Everyday activities and movement will not get you into your best shape, but it will get you on the way if you slowly control your intake to expenditure. As your days become more and more productive, you will soon realize that you have more free time and yearn for activity. The next step is then to raise the impact so you can get to the best possible you!

If you have questions about this workout or adopting a healthy lifestyle, e-mail Jennifer

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