Health Q&A

Health Q&A
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Q: What is the healthiest option when it comes to frozen food?
A: “There are  many good options on the market for frozen meals, however be sure and read the  package labels completely,” says Sue Roberts, a registered dietitian with (an online picture food journal program that provides expert advice from nutrition advisors). “Don’t be fooled by the terms  ‘natural’ or ‘wholesome’ as your guarantee of a healthy, nutritious food. Processed foods are often high in fat and sodium, so pay close attention to the Nutrition Facts label.” You should be aiming to keep your daily fat intake approximately 30 percent of total calories, and saturated and trans fat consumption below 10 percent. Roberts recommends looking for ones that contain less than 4 grams of saturated fat and 650mg of sodium. But try to eat before you head to the market—if you’re starving when you go grocery shopping, you’re more likely to end up with impulsive less-than-healthy purchases.