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Health News
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According to a new study by the Journal of Consumer Research, when we eat healthier fare available at our fave fast-food joints—say, that lower-cal sandwich—most of us end up consuming 131 percent more calories when it comes to our beverages, sides and desserts. A little calorie counting goes a long way at the drive-thru.

Designer Lorena Santin-Andrade’s collection, Ology, $45–$115, is comfy enough for yoga, so cozy you’ll want to wear the pieces for lounging around your pad and chic enough to make a style statement. Even better, the line’s breathable enviro-friendly cloth has skin-softening properties, thanks to the natural elements incorporated, including milk (the milk proteins’ amino acids purportedly help nourish the skin).

Just in time to help you navigate glam holiday soirées, Esther Blum’s Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous dishes up practical advice (and stylish illustrations from fashion consultant James Dignan), including how to choose a cocktail that’s easy on the waistline. $28

Researchers at Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus have discovered that avocados contain compounds that can find and destroy oral-cancer cells, even before they’ve done any harm. How avocados target the damaging cells is yet to be determined, but the study’s findings are significant, as cells for other types of cancer behave in the same way as oral-cancer cells. GuaCUREmole and Cobb salads may be just what the doctor ordered.

Being fashionably late is acceptable, except for when you’re trying to achieve your personal best. The new Timex Ironman iControl Watch, which has 50-lap memory, a chronograph, timers and alarms, also allows you to manage your iPod’s music functions right from the wristwatch. So you can track your personal best, pump up the volume on your favourite track for that extra boost during your workout and make sure you’re on time to meet up with that gym hottie at the juice bar. $150


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