Have a heartbroken friend?

Have a heartbroken friend?

The four golden rules to help your friend mend her heart.

1. Stop what you’re doing.
Your friend needs nothing more than for you to be by her side. Drop everything no matter what. It would make you smile if she did the same for you.

2. Listen up.
Listen to all that has happened and all that she’s feeling. She’ll need to know that you support her and that you’re there for her. Got lots going on in your life that you’d like to share? Keep it to yourself for now. Concentrate your attention on her and what she’s dealing with.

3. Keep your trap shut.
Your job right now is to be a good, supportive, encouraging friend. Keep your emotions to yourself. Don’t trash–talk her guy–if they get back together, she’ll resent you for calling him a lazy slob. And don’t tell her what to do–if you encourage her to jump back into the dating scene and the next available guy treats her like garbage, she’ll feel she has only you to thank. No matter how you feel, your emotions must take a back seat.

4. Do what you can.
Think about what she needs and give it to her. Drop off take–out and a video rental. Meet her for an afternoon of shopping or working out. Sit on the phone with her for hours. Whatever it is you can do that you think will make her feel better (or take her mind off of Loser), do it!