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Check out Flare's monthly picks and take your music collection to the next level

Haute Coutunes

Check out Flare’s monthly picks and take your music collection to the next level

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The Go Find, Stars On The Wall Albert Hammond Jr., Yours To Keep RJD2, The Third Hand
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The Go Find, Stars On The Wall

Stars On The Wall is the second album from Antwerp-based The Go Find. In 2004, they introduced their dreamy sound with the debut Miami, and this sophomore effort follows it up brilliantly. The music is incredibly chill – think Death Cab For Cutie on sedatives – and with heartfelt lyrics, wistfully delivered, Stars On the Wall is a dream you’d rather not wake up from.

Perfect For: Bedtime
Stand-out track: Ice Cold Ice

Artwork and audio courtesy of Morr Music

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Albert Hammond Jr., Yours To Keep

The Strokes are a stellar band who woke fans up in 2003 with the massive album Room On Fire. Since that initial success, they have continued to release great music, much of it sounding much – perhaps too much – like that initial album. The sound, while distinct, was in need of some modernization.

Enter Strokes front man Albert Hammond Jr., who has just released a largely-solo side project, backed by fellow musicians Matt Romano and Josh Lattanzi (and featuring such contributors as Sean Lennon and Ben Kweller). Aptly called Yours To Keep, Albert has taken the sound of The Strokes to another level, and the result is one worth holding on to.

The curly-topped singer sounds refreshed and has renewed passion in his voice. With lyrics that range from pretty, begging “don’t let me know as it’s happening”, and playful, teasing “you would always hold out” while whistling and la-la-la-ing, Hammond proves in this expansion of his resumé why music is about evolution.

Perfect for: A walk through the city
Stand-out track: In Transit

Artwork courtesy of Red Ink Music

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RJD2, The Third Hand

Known as a hip-hop producer, RJD2 may shock his established fan base with The Third Hand. This, his third LP, marks an evolution in the artist’s sound. Largely instrumental, the album mixes hip-hop beats with dance tempos and vocal harmonies for a result that can only be described as “underground pop”.

Calling to mind Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz, The Third Hand is full of experimental sound, admitting Nintendo as one of his main influences (the producer/musician even scores video games as a side project). Still, despite his affinity for tech sounds, RJD2 doesn’t shy away from conventional instruments when needed. As writer, producer, performer, and recorder of each song on the album, RJ is in tune with what every track needs. Adding his smooth vocals into the mix, The Third Hand is a balanced mix of beauty and fun.

Perfect for: Your morning routine
Stand-put track: Beyond

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