The Sexy Hair Code

Seven steps toward a drop-dead gorgeous do.

Love Your Hair
The sexy hair code

Wavy and irresistible at Roberto Cavalli

Our expert advisor: Justin German, hairstylist at Toronto’s Shagg Salon, the go-to guy for the city’s fashion elite

1. Brush up on the basics
Combat product buildup by keeping your daily hair routine simple. German encourages his clients to limit product use to “a good shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling agent. And remember to use a wide-tooth comb when detangling wet hair to eliminate breakage.” To keep your do in ultimate shape, smooth on a deep-conditioning hair masque once a week for 20 minutes.

2. Rinse and radiate
Nothing makes your mane go from drab to fab quicker than a honey- or vegetable-based hair rinse with effects that last 6–8 weeks. “This process will not lighten hair. Prepare for your tresses to go 1–2 shades darker,” says German. Perfect for any colour commitment-phobe, your new shade will make you look like an A-lister—shiny and glossy—without investing the time and money to become Simpson-sister blond. To choose your best shade, make an appointment at your salon for your first mini-transformation. Then, keep up your new hue at home with an over-the-counter colour rinse.

3. Snip and sizzle
“Invest the time and go for regular trims every 4–8 weeks,” recommends German. It will give lift to your hair, banish split ends and help keep your cut in shape. For instant polish, ask your stylist to add layers throughout and watch all those dead ends fall away. Or try a blunt cut to provide fullness and bounce. Thick hair need not apply. Instead, ask for an undercut or a razor cut to reduce the weight so you can luxuriate in a more manageable do.

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Smooth and voluminous at Christian Dior

4. Feed your locks
Quit starving your dry locks and stock up that fridge. Even though hair is technically dead, you can make new hair growth glow from the inside out. Foods rich in protein (meat, tofu, dairy) and fatty acids (fish, canola oil, flaxseed), in conjunction with a healthy diet packed with vitamins and minerals, will help build your hair’s lustre. Looking to supplement your diet? Pop an omega-3 fatty-acid supplement daily for similar results. It will take time to notice the improvement, but be patient; your locks will grow in healthier and stronger over time.

5. Gloss and go
Worth getting into a lather, silicone-based shine-boosting serums will cheat the look of illuminated hair. Use it sparingly; work it into the top layer and ends of your hair for maximum impact. Canadian top model Marla Boehr, whose hair gets dried and fried from one runway show to the next, swears by her nourishing hairstyling cream. “I have coloured hair, which gets dry easily,” she says, “and this [product] gives it great shine and protects the colour.”

6. Don’t be a hothead
Avoid scorching your mane by keeping your blow-dryer about 1–2 inches away from your hair, says German. “You can dry your hair, but always finish by smoothing down the cuticle.” Translation: For a healthy look with lots of natural movement, keep the blow-dryer pointing downward while you style. Try a few blasts of cool air once your hair is completely dry to lock in your look.

7. Join the roller derby
Rev up your limp locks with body-building waves. Use the big-as-a-pop-can Velcro rollers and set them at the roots, securing each with a pin. Do this when your hair is slightly damp, suggests German, rolling them toward your head and removing them once your hair is completely dry. Tousle with your fingers and spray a light finishing spritz for hold. Attention, straight-haired girls: want to cheat Kidman curls? Use smaller Velcro rollers and more of them. NB: Gently brush out waves to achieve instant pin-up status.

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