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Your guide to gorgeous hair year-round

Whether your hair is poker straight, wavy or coarse, you can pull of the look of smooth, healthy, hair.

Just select the hair type that best describes yours from below
Plus, read-up on the 9 best smooth styling tips for all hair types

Naturally Straight Naturally Wavy Naturally Coarse

If your hair is naturally straight…

  • The trend is for a blunt cut but, better yet, ask your stylist to give your locks some bounce by framing your face with long layers and layering the ends. Bonus: this do du jour is ideal for fine hair. “A one-length cut is going to maximize thickness. Your hair will automatically look fuller,” says Pantene consulting hairstylist Justin German.
  • Get a supersmooth finish with a lightweight silicone-based lotion before styling, such as John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum Lite Formula, 50 mL, $15. Apply just a touch at a time and work it into your locks evenly from ends to roots so as not to overdose at the hairline and risk looking greasy.
  • Don’t overdo it with a blow-dryer. Once your hair is hot to the touch, stop or you’ll end up with parched hair, a precursor to pesky flyaways, explains John Frieda, founder of John Frieda salons and creator of his eponymous product lines.
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If your hair is naturally wavy…

  • Choose a long, layered do with the shortest layer grazing the bottom of your cheek or chin. The extra weight of long layers is needed to pull your curls down. Any shorter and your waves will spring up and your locks will look poufy.
  • Don’t thin your hair out with a razor. You’ll make frizz worse by shattering the hair shaft.
  • If you feel like showing off the smoothest-looking curls, mix a leave-in conditioner such as Alberto VO5 Frizz Rescue Leave-In Comb-In Crème, 177 mL, $5.50, with Alberto Curl Enhancing Moussing Gel, 180 mL, $4. This is a very important step: comb it through from roots to ends. “Often, people don’t apply their product properly, so when their hair dries, it’s frizzy,” says German. To finish, scrunch and let air-dry.
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If your hair is naturally coarse…

  • Maximize slow-growing black hair with this graduated bob. You’ll get the look and feel of long hair without the wait. Long bangs offer versatility-part them to the side or down the middle.
  • Quit overly oily hair products. German explains they only make your hair look greasy and weighed down. Instead, use a smoothing hair-care regime for curly hair. “Lighter formulas help your hair move.” FLARE’s picks: Jonathan Product Shampoo Weightless Smooth No-Frizz Cleansing Crème, 200 mL, $30, and Jonathan Product Condition Weightless Smooth No-Frizz Crème Rinse, 200 mL, $33.
  • If ou want your natural texture to shine, comb a heavy-duty serum such as Goldwell Kerasilk Anti-Frizz Serum, 100 mL, $20, through damp hair. For natural curls sans frizz, massage it in (in sections, to be thorough) and allow it to air-dry.
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