Salon savvy

Dylan Sit, Creative Director for Civello salons in Toronto answers your questions on hot summer hair trends, style know-how and getting the right cut

Salon savvy

Dylan Sit, Creative Director for Civello salons in Toronto answers your questions on hot summer hair trends, style know-how and getting the right cut

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Cut & Colour Styling and care Trends

Cut & Colour

Q: I’m a brunette, but I want to try going blonde. How can I make the transition and what do I do about my dark eyebrows?
– Tracy

A: You would need to have a consultation with a colourist to assess the condition of your hair. It may take a few appointments to get you blonde. Your colourist will also be able to tint your brows for you.

Q: What is the best way to determine a flattering cut for an oval-shaped face? I am trying to grow my hair, but I find that it gets very flat once it is past my shoulders (and I don’t want bangs)
Help please!

– Kyla

A: I’d suggest that you add some long layers to create movement and body. This will eliminate the “flat” feeling as it grows.

Q: What’s the going rate for a good hair cut? How much should I expect to pay? Also, can you please also let me know what a standard tip is?
– Carol

A: This varies depending on the city, the salon, and the level of experience your stylist has. In Toronto, at a good salon, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $120 depending on the skill level of the stylist.

Tipping is not mandatory – it’s completely based on the experience and the guest’s satisfaction. The standard tip for a good service tends to be around 20%.

Sometimes people bring in wine or cookies to show their appreciation – that’s always a nice surprise!

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Styling and care

Q: I’m a new mom and find that the only style I can wear these days is a pony tail. What style advice do you have for someone with a baby who is always looking for hair to grab? Thanks so much!
– Audrey

A: There are many different types of ponytails, so try out a few different looks. Braids are also great – baby-friendly and ideal in the summer.

If you pop in to see your stylist, they can show you some new tricks. Then there’s always the option of going shorter!

Q: After sleeping on my hair, my curls are always flat and frizzy. Do you have any recommendations for keeping nice curls through the night so I don’t have to wash my hair every day?
– Stephanie

A: Find a revitalizing spray that would be used in the morning to mist over the hair and perk up the curls. Aveda makes Revitalizing Mist which reactivates the products you put in your hair the day before. This means you can go without washing everyday.

Q: I have curly hair. Whenever I diffuse my hair the roots stay flat while the rest is full of body. How can I get the roots to have more volume
– Jen

A: Try twisting the hair at the root to help support the curl. Also use a curl enhancing product or light liquid gel at the roots when you style.

Q: I want my hair to be shiny, but not greasy-looking. What products can you recommend?
– Dee

A: Stay away from wax-based products – they’re heavy and can create a greasy look. Use a light-weight product designed for shine. Apply it from the ends, working up the shaft. Avoid the roots.

Q: How can I make my thin hair look thicker and give it more volume?
– Sylvia

A: You would want to start with an overall blunt cut and then have your stylist give you visual layers (as oppossed to technical layers). This is generally done on dry hair and will give the illusion of layers and therefore volume.

Switch to products that are liquid-based. Cream-based products will weigh your hair down. Aveda makes a Volumizing Tonic that sprays in at the roots for lift.

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Styling and care

Q: After one day my hair gets greasy, but I hear it’s bad to wash your hair every day. What do you think?
– Tula

A: Try to wash it every other day. Your shampoo and conditioner may be too moisturizing. Switch to something a little lighter – Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner by Aveda would be ideal for you.

As well, ensure that you apply conditioner to the shaft and ends only.

Q: I hear it’s good to rotate through different shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis. Is this something that you recommend?
– Linda

A: I do! If you use the same product all the time, your hair will get used to it and it becomes less effective. Every 2-3 months, you should alternate shampoos and conditioners.

Q: Should I be changing my shampoo/conditioner for the summer months? I am guilty of being a creature of habit!!

A: Yes, you should change it up seasonally.

In the summer, look for products that are a bit lighter but still moisturizing – since you are more likely to be in the sun. You may also want frizz control in your summer product.

If your hair is wavy or straight, Aveda has just come out with Smooth Infusion a lightweight shampoo and conditioner with a lot of moisture. If you have curly or wavy hair, you could try Aveda’s Be Curly which is also lightweight, and enhances curl.

Q: What products do you suggest taking on a sunny beach trip to protect my hair and colour?

A: Bring products that will protect the hair against UV rays. Aveda makes Brilliant Damage Control – which is a protective spray.

Many colour products have protection built in, so check the label. Color Conserve by Aveda has a leave-in conditioner which protects colour and is ideal for the beach.

Have fun!

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Q: I love the head band look, but I have bangs and I think it would make me look 6 years old! What do you think? Would it help if I chose a thicker one or a thinner one?
– Roberta

A: Choosing a thinner one would be great. It wouldn’t overpower your face but would give a stylish edge. Multiple thin headbands are popular right now and look really chic. They’re also easy to use!

Q: Bangs are so popular right now, but I don’t know if it’s for me. I think it looks so great on some people, but if it doesn’t look good it takes so long to grow them out. Do you recommend bangs for a heart-shaped face?
– Stella

A: Heart-shape faces can look great with side-swept bangs – it gives the illusion of a more oblong feel and a perfect oval shape.

This solution is ideal for you because the fringe would be quite long and therefore not as big a commitment. You can also keep the bangs light so it’s a more subtle look. I’d reccomend that you have a consultation with a stylist.

Q: I’m a huge fan of the bob. I know it was really popular a few months ago, but I don’t see as many on celebrities anymore. Is it still in style?
– Louise

A: Bobs are such a classic shape, that they’re always in style! In the end it comes down to what suits you and your face shape. A stylist can help you determine this.

As well, there are so many variations of the bob, that there’s surely something that will work for you.

Go for it!

Q: I love the fauxhawk look for men and I totally think it would suit my boyfriend, but I feel like the trend is on the way out. What do you think?
– Cathy

A: I think this is a trend that’s staying – but as a more subtle version. In fact both David Beckham and I are currently sporting a soft version of the look!

Tell him to do it!

Q: I love the Jessica Simpson extensions but worry they can look fake. How can you make sure extensions look good?

A: Hair extensions are fantastic if you want longer, fuller hair but quality varies greatly. You need to know what you’re looking for. Two common types of extensions are bonded or clip-in. A good quality bonded extension is long-lasting whereas clip-ins are for temporary wear. Another factor is the hair itself – both synthetic and natural hair options are available as extensions. Look for a salon, like Civello, that offers bonded extensions with 100% natural hair. At your consultation, ask if anyone working in the salon has the extensions – that way you’ll see them firsthand!

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