Hot Party Hair Idea: The Braid Bar

Toronto's Marc Anthony salons are offering a genius plaiting service for the holiday season

Mulberry, Tory Burch, Holly Fulton. Photos by Anthea Simms

Over the past few seasons, braids have been a fixture on the catwalk and the red carpet, having accessorized the runway looks at Fendi, Valentino and Tory Burch, and the likes of Blake Lively and Diane Kruger. They’re the perfect choice for adding a special touch to your hairstyle for a night out, but unless you’ve got nimble fingers, it can be difficult to pull off more than a simple plait all on your own.

Enter Marc Anthony Salons.

For the month of December, both uptown and downtown Toronto locations are offering clients a braid bar service that features a menu of plaited styles. The holiday special, with prices ranging from $25 to upwards of $60 depending on the complexity of the hairdo, means that you can plop down into a hairstylist’s chair and add anything from a braided headband to a waterfall braid to a pair of fishtails just in time for a dinner date or party.

Marilisa, artistic director of Marc Anthony, says that braids are such a hot trend because they’re relatively easy to add, they look good on everyone, and they transition seamlessly from day to night. They’re also romantic. “There is just something pretty about braids,” she says. “No matter whether you go modern or Victorian retro.”

When integrating a braid into your holiday look, she suggests using a texturizing spray, like Marc Anthony Amplifying Texture Spray, to create a modern, messy vibe. She also loves braids as buns because they’re “a great way to take a second-day updo in an entirely new direction.” If you have shorter hair, try a side part with “the braiding along the front and the sides being tucked into the back,” or incorporate a braid elsewhere as an accent.

To book an appointment, contact Marc Anthony Salons at 38 Avenue Road, 416-413-1521 or 1918 Avenue Road, 416-789-1212.