Making The Cut

Beauty Director Juliette Lie gets shorty for a good cause

Making The Cut
Beauty Director Juliette Lie gets shorty for a good cause

I chopped almost 12 inches of my hair off and am sporting what Pantene consulting stylist Justin German calls an asymmetrical bob (translation: long in the front and short in the back, just like Rihanna).
Justin, who is also the co-owner of his own salon in downtown Toronto called Shagg (a regular beauty pit stop for FLARE staffers), helped me make the big cut. See me screaming with my hands over my mouth? Don’t worry—I’m just hamming it up for the camera. I actually wasn’t scared at all. I figured if Hilary Swank can do it (she did the big snip on the Oprah show), then I can do it too.
I did it.

Hilary and I we’re both inspired to go short thanks to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, which encourages women to donate 8 inches of healthy hair to create wigs benefiting women undergoing hair loss due to cancer treatment. What better reason is there to go short?
Do I like my new do? Totally. Because it feels so much lighter than my “wedding hair” (FYI: I just got hitched a couple of months ago); it dries so much faster (a major plus during lazy winter mornings); and most importantly, I’ve helped a Canadian woman who will love my hair more than I will ever miss it.

My Short Hair Must Haves

When I want smooth, silky hair like the super sleek look Justin gave me at the salon, I can’t do without a couple of drops of hair serum before—and after—blow-drying with a round brush. (Pantene Always Smooth Anti-Frizz Serum does the trick). If I have the time, I’ll flat iron my tresses for a true pro finish.
When I’m in a hurry (which is more often then not), I fake a beach-y look. I work in a mousse such as Pantene Texturize! Moussing Foam Wax into my fresh-from-the-shower hair, and simply scrunch while I blow dry.

Rules To Giving
1. Donated hair must be a minimum of 8 inches long. Locks must be clean and styled into a ponytail at the nape of the neck before cutting (for easier shipping and handling during the wig making process).
2. No bleached, permanently coloured, relaxed, permed or chemically treated hair allowed. From my beauty expertise, I’m guessing this kind of hair is just too damaged to make a healthy-looking wig.
3. If you use vegetable hair dyes, semi-permanent dyes, your tresses are still eligible. (Phew!)
4. For complete mailing instructions and how-tos for your hair stylist, visit