ICYMI: The Biggest Hair Trends of 2015

The year's hottest hairdo was also dead easy (You're probably rocking it right now)

The Most Wearable Trend of the Year: The Half-Up Bun

Hair trends of 2015

(Photo: Norman Wong)

The man bun may have been the year’s most-memed grooming statement, but savvy street-stylers borrowed from its messy simplicity for a new hybrid look: the half-up knot. Ashley Olsen was among the earliest celeb adopters when she sported the semi-style to the Met Gala in May, but the trend’s real roots are in the downtown every-girl—from Queen Street Westers to South Mainsters—who first purposed the quick twist­ for latte runs and late-night fun. Us, we’re just like the stars.

…The Rest of the Year’s Tress Trends? Not So Much

Hair trends of 2015

(Photo: Instagram)

Dyed Armpits While Madonna and Jemima Kirke proudly showed off grown-out pit hair on Instagram and the red carpet, Miley Cyrus (left) took the statement one step further and coloured hers candy pink.

Face Shaving When celeb derm Kate Somerville revealed that she’s been razoring her face fuzz for the past 20 years as a form of exfoliation, women everywhere picked up their blades—at least for a hot second—in the mad quest for smoother skin.

Blowtox Move over, dry shampoo. To curb sweat during spin class, you can now get your scalp injected with Botox (for a measly $1,500+).

Brow Extensions Sporting sparse arches that even the best powder-pencil-gel hybrid can’t save? Solution: have actual (well, synthetic) hairs glued onto your face. The new service, available at select brow bars, promises up to two weeks of fullness for about $75.

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