How To Grow Out a Pixie Cut Gracefully, à la Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's grown-out pixie offers inspiration for hair at that in-between length

Photo Courtesy of Universal

The film version of Les Misérables hasn’t even hit theatres yet and the story of Anne Hathaway’s transformation is already the stuff of legends: Along with losing 25 pounds, she chopped off her signature brunette locks on camera for the character of Fantine—her personal role of a lifetime. When an actress makes that kind of commitment to a part, Oscar almost always comes knocking… but, naturally, we’re more interested in the hairstyles she’s been rocking on the premiere circuit as she slowly grows out her strands. Here, the many things she’s taught us about looking cute and classy while growing out a pixie:

1. Texture and shine are your best friends

Use product to change the shape and volume of your hair. With a bit of molding paste, locks can go from smooth to piecey in seconds flat. It’s also important to condition hair to keep it looking shiny. The fact that you’ve chopped off all the unhealthy, dry bits will also help your hair quality, but it can’t hurt to add a little shimmer spray for even more dimension.

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Anne Hathaway Will Wear Valentino For Her Big Day

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2. Grow out the bangs first or leave them long to begin with

Your cut will have more versatility if it’s a little longer in the front; you can sweep your bangs to the side, part them in the middle, or let them fall in chunky pieces over your forehead.

3. Try a deep part and slick it to one side

As your hair grows, it will get easier to fake an updo. We like the look of Anne’s super sleek hair at the premiere of Les Mis in New York (below, right). Though the photo was only taken days after the look in London (on the left) her hair appears much longer, as though she’s tucked it into a low knot. Oh, the things a little shine pomade can do.

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Anne Hathaway Les Misérables Premieres

Photos Courtesy of Keystone Press

4. Show off your collarbone

Short hair accentuates the neck and collarbone, so now’s your chance to highlight them with open necklines and delicate straps–the perfect foils to a boyish cut.

Anne Hathaway, Museum of the Moving Image, Pixie, Pink Dress, Sequins

Photo by Keystone Press

5. Use accessories

Pretty clips, headbands and scarves are an easy way to change up your look.

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