Hairstyle of the Week: Rihanna's Shaved Head & Extensions

Rihanna revamps her pixie and we talk to Doll Bar Inc. to find out what she had done

Rihanna Pixie, Rihanna Extensions and Shaved Section, Hair

Before & After; Photos by Keystone Press

This week, Rihanna has been photographed out and about with a killer hairstyle that’s a far cry from the piecey pixie she debuted in September: long brunette extensions parted to one side to reveal a buzz cut. Didn’t think it was even possible to attach extensions to such short hair? Neither did we, so we asked Melissa Mckenzie, owner and operator of Doll Bar Inc., an extensions-only salon in Toronto, to give us the pro scoop.

“Typically, we need at least three inches [of hair for extensions],” she says. ” You can, of course, attach to much shorter, but it’s better if your own hair is longer than three inches for concealment of the extensions.” Since Rihanna lacked length, she would have had to do a full enclosure weave, “which means there is a crown piece that adheres to the top of your head, hiding your own hair completely.” The crown piece would leave the shaved section of her hair exposed.

With good maintenance, extensions of this type can last one to one and a half months, says Mckenzie, whereas fusion and links/locks last around three. The biggest pitfall with extensions is matting and tangling, so brushing hair several times a day, never going to bed with wet hair, and combing or brushing before air drying are all good practice to keep strands looking neat.

Rihanna My Studio nightclub; Extensions, Shaved Hair

Photo by Keystone Press