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Looking paparazzi-perfect is easy with these cues from red-carpet experts

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Looking paparazzi-perfect is easy with these cues from red-carpet experts

Star stylist Frédéric Fekkai weighs in on everything from laid-back looks to ladylike coifs:
The key to Rosario Dawson’s lucious locks
Copy Kim Cattrall’s sexy blowin’-in-the-wind hairstyle
Create bounce and fullness like Brittany Murphy’s
Frédéric Fekkai’s Beauty Arsenal
Clinch your own makeup moment with the help of Jeanine Lobell, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Stila cosmetics:
Natalie Portman = Glossy pout + soft eyes
Cate Blanchett = Hot lips + glowing skin

Create bounce and volume
For fullness like Brittany Murphy’s, Fekkai recommends Frédéric Fekkai Full Volume Mousse, 150 mL, $24, massaged into your roots. Set five large Velcro rollers at the crown and let them air-dry. For the bottom section, use an extra-large round brush as your roller. Blow-dry at low heat to set the curl. Once dry, remove the rollers, but don’t brush out the curls. Then, flip each piece backward and set with hairspray.

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Look casual and chic
To copy Kim Cattrall’s sexy blowin’-in-the-wind hairstyle, Fekkai suggests prepping towel-dried hair with a volumizer. While blow-drying, add body to the roots by pulling the top three inches of your hair upward with your fingers. Nail the “effortless” quality of Cattrall’s look by flipping up the ends of your hair with a brush. Finally, turn your head upside down and apply Frédéric Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray, 200 mL, $29.

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Cause drama with curls
The key to Rosario Dawson’s luscious locks lies in a basic curling iron. Apply Frédéric Fekkai Luscious Curls Curl Enhancing Lotion, 100 g, $24, and dry your hair at a low speed to jump-start your curls. Maintain the low heat setting until it’s completely dry so it won’t frizz or flatten. Turn the curling iron in a vertical motion all the way to the root, holding each piece for up to a minute. Be careful not to “pull” your curls out—these kind of glam waves have
to be soft and mess-free.

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Frédéric Fekkai’s Beauty Arsenal

“If you’re using a colour-preserving shampoo such as Frédéric Fekkai Technician Shampoo for Dry, Damaged, Color-Treated Hair, 200 mL, $24, alternate it with a shampoo designed for your hair type, to help with texture and shape.”
Protect your hair and your ends from heat damage with Frédéric Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Spray, 100 mL, $24.
For mega-shine, use a pea-sized amount of Frédéric Fekkai Glossing Cream, 100 g, $24, before you blow-dry. “Apply it to the sides, back and ends first, where the density of hair is stronger.”
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Glossy pout + soft eyes
To complement Natalie Portman’s minimalist Chloé dress, Lobell recruited a lip brush to apply Stila Lip Color in Daisy, $23. “By using a brush, you’ll apply less product, which means it won’t start to move once it heats up—an important factor at awards-show ceremonies that can last for hours.” She attrib-utes Portman’s makeup elegance to Stila Smudge Pots in Brown, $26. “The creamy texture allowed me to line her eyes without creating a hard, visible line,” she says. “Keep the liner tight to the lash line when smudging to avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes.”

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Hot lips + glowing skin
Lobell used a cream cheek colour to achieve Cate Blanchett’s dewy complexion. “With this kind of rosy cheek, you run the risk of overdoing it,” admits Lobell. “But don’t be nervous. If you go too far, it’s easy to correct by dusting loose powder over your cheeks with a fluffy brush to soften the colour, [but] take care not to drag the brush.” The real star product? Stila Lip Shine in Tulip, $24. Its nonsticky formula is rich in moisture and the colour lasts all night.

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