Beauty Pro Corner

Canada’s next top cutter reveals his secrets to a great head of hair

Beauty Pro Corner
Canada’s next top cutter reveals his secrets to a great head of hair

Edwin Johnston cuts to please. After winning the 2008 Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Award and snagging the 2008 British Columbia Hairstylist of the Year Award, it’s no wonder they call him a shear genius.

FLARE: What are three hair products that every woman should own?
Edwin: A good quality shampoo is the foundation and a weekly treatment is a must. I recently discovered KMS California Silk Sheen Silk Treatment. In a word—amazing. Also, a thermal protectant spray is important. We live in the world of blow dryers and flat irons and this will give the hair half a chance for survival.

FLARE: How should women treat their tresses?
Edwin: One, don’t wash your hair every day; wash it every two or three days instead. Two, do a weekly treatment. Lastly, get a regular haircut every six weeks to keep split ends at bay.

FLARE: What haircuts do you recommend for different hair types?
Edwin: A layered bob is good for someone with fine, wavy hair. A short crop for someone with course, curly hair. Long layers work well on thick, straight hair.

FLARE: What’s your golden rule when it comes to giving a hair cut?
Edwin: It has to suit the person. I like seeing my client walk into the room, so I can assess her personal style and her confidence level. This tells a lot about a woman.

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FLARE: What’s your biggest hair pet peeve?
Edwin: Dated hair styles and colour. Overdone hair. Overdone trends. Take Victoria Beckham—great style, but look how many bad versions of her bob you see walking down the street.

FLARE: What’s your best trick for a bad hair day?
Edwin: A loose ponytail.

FLARE: Which celebrity has the best hair look right now?
Edwin: I recently saw a fashion spread with Kate Moss. Love her new look with bangs—she’s an icon.

FLARE: Which celebrity has the worst hair right now?
Edwin: Everyone is entitled to a bad hair day, but I would say Lindsay Lohan.

FLARE: If a girl is on a budget, which shampoo and conditioner do you recommend using?
Edwin: You should never skimp on good quality shampoo and conditioner. Stop going to Starbucks!

FLARE: How can women avoid winter dryness during the colder months?
Edwin: Weekly treatments, leave-in conditioner, and a shine spray to finish.

If you’re in BC, book your next appointment with Edwin by visiting the Cutting Room salon at
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