Hair Twins Spotted: Rodarte And Miley Cyrus

From runway to red carpet, we love this sweet style

Photo by Getty Images

Great minds think alike?

It’s the season for both awards shows and fall fashion weeks, so naturally, the FLARE beauty team has been scoping out all the great hair and makeup looks. As we tuned into the Grammys red carpet, we took notice of the boho-chic hair sported by Miley Cyrus. Though we aren’t convinced it was appropriate for the occasion, the unkempt waves pulled half-back with a mini fishtail braid would make for a perfect summer style.

Only a few days later, we spied a similar ‘do on the Rodarte runway, crafted by Aveda lead stylist Odile Gilbert. The models wore windswept waves with the front section loosely twisted and pulled into a small fishtail braid. To create the fuss-free waves, Gilbert scrunched hair with Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam while blowdrying. She then gave hair a deep side part on the left before creating the twist-braid combo: “Separate a two-inch piece of hair from the top, right side and twist it above the right ear, securing with a bobby pin so that it softly swoops over the right eye,” explains Gilbert. “Pull a small section of hair from the hairline at the back of the head and another from in front of the ear, and then braid them together on the side of the head.” While some models were later crowned with a golden fan accessory, a spritz of hairspray is the only finishing touch you need to take this look off the runway.

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