A new survey finds most women slack on hair homework

Ever get hit by a wave of nerves when sitting in the hair colourist’s chair? We sure do, always feeling a bit antsy about what we’ll look like when we walk out of the salon a few hours later. Despite this common worry, a whopping 62 percent of women say they spend less time researching salon colour than any other beauty products or services, according to a recent U.S. survey conducted by salon colour brand Wella Professionals. Just think, most of us put more thought into the nail polish we use (which lasts about a week) than the much more long-lasting hair dye. We say it’s time to open up and chat with our colourists. Before getting started, talk about how dramatic you can expect your change to be, how you can best maintain the new shade afterwards, as well as any other questions or concerns you have.  

One more neat number: 92 percent of the women surveyed say they’ve coloured their hair at some point in their lives. Where do you fit into the hair colour picture? Answer our poll below!