Guy getaway

Getaway with your guy
Four things to bring with you on the first trip with your beau

A good attitude
This should be a given. So what if the bathroom faucet drips all night and the kids down the hall won’t stop sceaming? That’s no excuse to sulk or pout. Politely speak to management about the problem, or grin and bear it. Come on – not only are you away from the office, you’re with your guy day and night. That’s all you need. Besides, you’ll laugh about the horror stories later.

Something naughty
A skimpy little nightie goes a long way on vacation. While it’s fun to wear sensual barely-theres from time to time at home, the reaction you’ll get on a romantic escape just doesn’t compare. Work it!

A surprise
The two of you have been planning this trip for months. You know where you’re going and what you’re bringing and what you’ll be doing. So spice it up by planning something unexpected that will show him what a wonderful catch you are. Plan a day trip in the middle of your week-long getaway, make arrangements for a golf lesson or book a couple’s massage.

Your deal-breaker checklist
The first trip is a pretty big deal in a relationship – and a good way to see another side of your guy. Does he treat hotel staff well? Does he respect the property and the rules? Does he check to make sure you’re comfortable and having fun? The way a guy acts when his guard is down and he’s relaxed tells you a lot.