Hold Up—Glossier Is Refunding Some Lash Slick Orders

The new mascara isn't vegan, as the brand originally claimed

A close-up of a woman's face applying mascara.

Glossier’s just-released Lash Slick mascara is, true to its moniker, pretty slick. But what’s *even* slicker is the brand’s response to mistakenly claiming on launch day, May 9, that the product is vegan when in fact it’s made with beeswax.

After Twitter users pointed out that the formula contains the animal product (it’s the fourth ingredient listed) Glossier notified customers that it would be proactively issuing refunds for orders made when the mascara hit shelves online on Wednesday morning. The cruelty-free mascara contains vegan biotin to soften and condition lashes, but is not vegan as a whole.

“We understand that if you had known this, your preference may have been not to purchase Lash Slick,” an email addressed to the first few Lash Slick customers said. “The product is on its way to you already, but we’ve proactively refunded you for the full cost of Lash Slick just in case.”

Only Glossier customers who purchased the mascara before the copy error was fixed online are getting refunds (so don’t get your hopes up). The refund was confined to digital purchases, as the Glossier Showroom opened at noon on Wednesday.

“When we realized our copy error yesterday morning, we immediately updated our site and proactively refunded every customer who purchased Lash Slick before the mistake had been updated on our website,” a brand representative told us on Thursday. “We do sincerely apologize for any confusion caused by this.”

This is the first big hiccup for Glossier, which has perceptively amassed a loyal following thanks to a potent brew of millennial pink, skin-first messaging, award-winning products like Boy Brow and uncanny customer service, among other things. So you can bet that most of the cohort that got 20 bucks back funnelled it right back into a purchase.


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