"I Felt Like My Face Was Significantly Altered"—13 Millennials on Their Lip Injections

In the quest for Kardashian-esque lips, more and more young women are opting for fillers—but what did they really think after having them done?

All it takes is a quick scroll through your social feeds to be reminded that full lips are still THE THING. And, in case you didn’t notice, it’s not just ladies of a certain age using fillers to minimize fine lines and get back their youthful pouts. Call it the Kylie effect: Young women are increasingly the ones getting their lips done—and according to one Toronto-based cosmetic surgeon, they’re starting younger and younger.

“The most common age range would be mid-20s to mid-30s,” says Dr. Ashlin Alexander, who has an extremely busy injectables practice.

And a lot of his clients get their inspiration from Instagram. “I think as more and more people post their results on social media, it’s becoming increasingly popular. It’s a very simple and straightforward procedure, so it’s ideal for those looking to increase volume, tweak shape or just provide a little plumping and oomph to their lips,” he says.

Still, it’s a decision that comes with a lot of considerations. Will fuller lips suit your face shape? Will people notice and be judge-y? Will your fuller lips last as long as you want them to? You might also have some misconceptions about pain, cost and end results, says Dr. Alexander. “The most common worry people have when they come in for the first time for lip fillers is ‘I don’t want them to look unnatural.'”

So if you’re thinking of having your lips done, take stock of this bff-level honesty: We spoke with 13 women, all under 30, who have had lip fillers—and they told us everything, from why they wanted them to whether they regretted it, to what their parents thought and more. Scroll through the gallery below to peep their pretty pouts and read their thoughts on getting lip injections.


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